Pepe (PEPE) Coins Ultimate Guide

What you'll learn all about PEPE? Mainly includes an introduction to the background and working principles of PEPE coin, methods to obtain PEPE tokens and where to buy them, as well as price predictions for PEPE over the next 3 years.


What is Pepe Coin?

Pepe Coin (PEPE) is an ERC20 meme coin built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain that was inspired by the “Pepe The Green Frog Meme”.

Even though the $PEPE Coin just gained its popularity a couple of weeks back, it has existed in the market since April 2023, where it got listed on some of the biggest exchanges in the crypto space in May 2023. Within three weeks of its launch, Pepe Coin's market value surpassed $1 billion and it briefly became one of the most traded cryptocurrencies by volume. In comparison, Dogecoin (DOGE) took nearly four years to reach the same market value.

Like other meme coin projects, Pepe Coin relied on social media to spread awareness about the cryptocurrency and drive its value up. Although the price of $PEPE has been extremely volatile since then, the number of individual holders continues to be impressive.

However, it gained its popularity back only after February 2024 where its price surged for more than 800% in less than a month.

Currently the community development is still going strong with more than 600,000 followers on Twitter (X) and almost 15,000 members on Telegram.

The Pepe meme Coin official website says that $PEPE has no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

However, informal statistics indicate that over 100,000 investors have purchased $PEPE on Biture and other major cryptocurrency exchanges.

History of Pepe the Frog

Pepe the Frog originated as a cartoon character created by artist Matt Furie for his comic book “Boy’s Club,” initially published in 2005. Depicted as a peaceful and good-natured frog, Pepe quickly gained popularity as an internet meme, widely shared across various social media platforms.


  Pepe the Frog in his original format

The creators of Pepe Coin leveraged the widespread recognition of the internet meme Pepe the Frog to establish instant familiarity for their cryptocurrency within the crypto community.

While Matt Furie holds the legal right to seek compensation for any commercial use of his creation, he does not appear to be actively pursuing copyright claims against the creators of Pepe Coin at present.

How does Pepe Coin work?

PEPE was developed as a meme coin but slowly refined its ecosystem by creating a decentralized application that can be used to transact the PEPE token.


There is currently one DApp that exists on the PEPE ecosystem which is its own bridge that lets people send and receive PEPE from three blockchains, which are the Ethereum Blockchain, Arbitrum, and the BNB Chain.

Its token economics is why the token is considered a meme coin since it has a total of 420,690,000,000,000 with a fair launch and no specific token allocation. There is also no specific tax or burn mechanism aside from burning all of the LP Tokens related to PEPE.

This could change along the way if the team behind PEPE decides to do so, but as of right now there are no specific plans on their roadmap.

How to get PEPE token?

In order to get PEPE you will need to acquire it via a decentralized exchange such as Uniswap with a decentralized Web3 wallet like Metamask.


You can do this by going to the Uniswap DEX and connecting your wallet to the DEX. Make sure that you have some ETH before acquiring PEPE as you need them to swap the ETH to PEPE and pay for the gas fees.

You can also swap PEPE with other tokens and coins on the ERC20 Network, such as with USDT or WETH.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the decentralized ecosystem you can use a centralized exchange to buy PEPE.

Where to buy Pepe Coin?

You can buy Pepe (PEPE) from centralized exchanges such Bitrue, by depositing your funds into your own account.

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Join Bitrue for exclusive $PEPE rewards.


Currently, you can buy the token with USDT so you can deposit your funds to Bitrue and convert them into the USDT token, or you can deposit USDT straight away into your Bitrue account.

The process is simple, as you only need to go to the “Trade” page and search for PEPE and then find the trading pair that states “PEPE/USDT” to start transacting.

In that page you can also analyze the token as there will be a chart provided for you to do some technical analysis.

Apart from directly buying Pepe coin (PEPE), what are the alternative methods to acquire PEPE?

Fixed Auto-Investment in PEPE

Regularly invest a fixed amount at scheduled intervals in Pepe coin (PEPE) digital assets, enjoying both short-term returns and long-term benefits.

Staking PEPE

Flexible staking of Pepe (PEPE) digital assets to earn interest or high returns in other cryptocurrencies.

If you have enough time, you can obtain PEPE Coin for free through the following methods:

  • Invite friends to join the Bitrue coupon event and earn free PEPE.
  • Join the Bitrue Rewards Center, participate in ongoing challenges and airdrops to receive free PEPE token.
  • All cryptocurrency airdrops and rewards can be exchanged for $PEPE through coin-to-coin exchange or spot trading.

PEPE real-time price analysis

Talking about technical analysis, regarding PEPE, currently the price might be looking at another possible upward trend after the market became positive again.

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Looking at the daily chart, it can be seen that PEPE is no longer in the overbought zone, which means that potentially all the traders are done taking profit and might start accumulating again.

It is possible that there will be an upward trend in the short run with the market being positive going into the 2024 Bitcoin Halving.

The current target price of PEPE will be around $0.00001 to around $0.000017 in the short term, but only with a contingency that the market is still positive.

Pepe price prediction (2024, 2025, 2026)

Talking about the long term price analysis of PEPE, it seems that most people are still bullish on this meme coin, especially heading into the predicted bull market of 2025.

For March, Changelly predicts the meme coin to breach the threshold of $0.00000568.

Looking at its current condition, PEPE could go as high as $0.000020 by year's end, with the potential of reaching $0.000050 to $0.00010, in 2025. Some analysts in the PEPE community have also shared their thoughts. Here is the summary:

  • For March, Bitrue predicts the meme coin to breach the threshold of $0.00000612.
  • Telegaon forecasts a modest average price of $0.00000728 in 2024, a slight increase from Pepe’s current price.
  • Digital Coin Price offers a more optimistic outlook, projecting a significant rise to $0.00674 within the year.
  • Bitrue suggests a conservative estimate, anticipating Pepe’s price will decrease to $0.00000155 by year's end.

However in 2026, it might be possible that the token might plunge significantly after the bull market is over, heading into its support level of around $0.0000008.

The above is the complete content of the beginner's guide to PEPE Coin. We hope it provides you with useful information.