DogWifHat (WIF) Guide

This guide mainly includes an introduction to the background and working principles of DogWifHat (WIF), methods to obtain WIF tokens and where to buy them, as well as price predictions of DogWifHat (WIF) for over the next 3 years.


What is DogWifHat (WIF)?

WIF is an SPL meme coin that was built and launched around the end of 2023, specifically December 2023.


SPL stands for Solana Program Library, which means that the token is created on top of the Solana Blockchain.

The website states that it is “literally just a dog wif hat” where wif, means with, as a joke where saying the word “with” with a British accent will evidently give you “WIF”.

DogWifHat has its own mascot, which is a dog wearing a hat, the literal translation of dog with a hat.


The project became popular again after its price and market capitalization surge where it is now currently ranked third in the overall meme coin category, beating PEPE, which was originally the number one newer generation of meme coins.

How Does WIF Work?

The token itself does not have any utility whatsoever as it is solely a meme coin project that was built to capture the Solana Meme Coin hype.


On the website there is no specific information about the project or the token except information on how to buy it, how to see the community channels, and how to see the price chart of the token.

There is one teaser about a product that will be created by this project, the WIF Hat Generator, which currently has no details about it. But, there are two speculations regarding this product which are, it could be an NFT product for this project, but it could also be just an ordinary randomizer to show random hats to put on a dog image.

How to Get DogWifHat (WIF)?

WIF is currently available on Bitrue but was initially launched and traded at Solana's decentralized exchange such as Raydium and Orca.

WIF has existed for a long time and has no new information regarding airdrops. This means that you have to buy it in order to own it, which is why you have to use a decentralized Solana Wallet to access the token on the Solana decentralized exchanges.

Once you have WIF, there are ways you can accumulate more without buying, which is through liquidity farming on some decentralized exchanges.


You can pair WIF with other cryptocurrencies such as SOL to earn an annual yield of around 6% up to 12% on platforms including Raydium and Orca.

If you have enough time, you can obtain DogWifHat for free through the following methods:

  • Invite friends to join the Bitrue coupon event and earn free DogWifHat (WIF).
  • Join the Bitrue Rewards Center, participate in ongoing challenges and airdrops to receive free DogWifHat.
  • All cryptocurrency airdrops and rewards can be exchanged for WIF through coin-to-coin exchange or spot trading.

How Can I Buy WIF?

If you are not familiar with the decentralized ecosystem, luckily you can buy them on centralized exchanges like Bitrue.


Bitrue offers a platform for users to buy WIF with USDT in the spot market, which means that all you have to do is deposit some funds into the Bitrue Wallet and then buy it on the platform.

DogWifHat (WIF) Price Analysis

If you have not owned any WIF, in a couple of days, it might be a good time to buy as WIF is currently trending down in the short term but still trending up in the long term.


WIF is currently trading at around $2.27-$3.01. It has been down by 22% in the last 7 days. However, in the long run, the price might go back up and continue to go up, especially if the meme hype continues on the Solana Ecosystem.

The current support zone of WIF stands around $2, which is a good buying zone. However, there is a possibility for WIF to go down deeper into the $2.13 support zone, especially with the short term negative effect that might come with Bitcoin Halving.

This can be a good buying opportunity, because when the market is positive again and in the bull market, most cryptocurrencies will go up, including meme coins which will potentially bring upwards momentum for WIF.

WIF Price Prediction (2024, 2025, 2026)

In the long run, if the $2.13 support zone did not get broken, then there is a possibility that the price will continue to recover especially when the long term effect of the Bitcoin Halving starts to show.

There are some predictions around the market saying that WIF will potentially go to the $15 mark or even $22 mark.

However, looking at the fibonacci extension, there are a couple of targets that might be reached in 2024, 2025, until 2026.

In 2024, with the potential short term narrative of the Bitcoin Halving that might push the market downwards, there is a possibility that WIF will reach around $3 to $4.

However, when the predicted bull market comes, there is a possibility of WIF reaching $7.9 up until $12.7 in 2025, which currently stands around the 161.8% and 261.8% mark of the fibonacci extension.

After this price surge, it is possible that WIF will go back down again, but this time the support zone will be around the $4 up until the $5 mark, which is higher than the current resistance zone.

Overall the price might increase with the bull market, so it all depends on the bull market of 2025.

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