Wild Forest: Revolutionizing Strategy Gaming with $1M NFT Sales in Record Time

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Wild Forest, a Web3 real-time strategy game developed by Zillion Whales, has made headlines by selling $1 million worth of NFTs in under a minute. This game, transitioning from Web2 to Web3 on the Ronin network, combines classic strategy elements with modern blockchain technology, fostering a dynamic and engaged community. Let's explore the game's development journey, its impactful NFT launch, and future plans as shared by lead developer Artem Naseniuk.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Transition to Web3: Wild Forest's shift from a traditional Web2 framework to Web3 on the Ronin network highlights its aim to leverage blockchain for greater community involvement and technological advancement.
  • Record-Breaking NFT Sales: The game's recent NFT release, the Lords collection, achieved unprecedented success by selling out in just 25 seconds, demonstrating strong market demand and community support.
  • Community-Centric Development: Wild Forest places a strong emphasis on community-driven development and organic growth, avoiding paid marketing to maintain authenticity and user engagement.

The Evolution of Wild Forest

Originally inspired by classic strategy games, Wild Forest was conceived to bring a fresh perspective to the genre. The stagnation in the traditional gaming market prompted the Zillion Whales team to explore blockchain technologies, leading to their partnership with the Ronin network. This move was aimed at utilizing Ronin's advanced technological framework and vibrant community support to enhance the gaming experience.

NFT Integration and Market Impact

The introduction of the Lords NFT collection marked a significant milestone for Wild Forest, with its swift sell-out reflecting the high anticipation and enthusiasm within the gaming community. These NFTs are not just digital assets but are integral to the game's lore and player engagement, offering benefits that enhance the gaming experience and contribute to the game's lore.

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Building a Strong Community

Central to Wild Forest's strategy is its focus on nurturing a robust and active community. By involving players in the development process and relying on organic growth, Wild Forest has cultivated a loyal user base. The lack of expenditure on traditional marketing channels speaks to the quality of the game and the company's commitment to sustainable community-building practices.

Future Directions and Economic Strategy

Looking ahead, Wild Forest is set to expand its ecosystem with the introduction of a native token. This token is designed to be at the heart of the game's transactions and player interactions, promoting a balanced economic model where investment in the game correlates with tangible rewards. The upcoming Plato drop season is another step towards deepening player involvement and expanding the game's reach.


Wild Forest stands at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution, exemplifying how blockchain technology can transform gaming dynamics. With a solid foundation in community engagement, innovative technology, and a clear vision for the future, Wild Forest is poised to continue its trajectory as a leader in the new era of digital gaming.


What is Wild Forest? 

Wild Forest is a Web3 real-time strategy game that integrates blockchain technology to offer a more immersive and community-driven gaming experience.

How did Wild Forest achieve rapid sales success? 

The game successfully sold $1 million worth of NFTs in under a minute through its Lords collection, highlighting strong community support and market demand.

What network does Wild Forest use? 

Wild Forest has transitioned to the Ronin network, chosen for its technical sophistication and strong community support, enhancing the game’s blockchain integration.

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