Ultimate Guide to Hamster Kombat 2024

Hamster Kombat

Key Takeaways

  • Hamster Kombat is the newest phenomenon in the world of Telegram-based games with the number of players having reached 100 million in just a few weeks. 
  • This game can be played directly on Telegram to generate high hourly profits from fictional exchanges managed by players. 
  • Several active and passive strategies can be used to earn coins and generate higher hourly profits.

Hamster Kombat is the latest sensation in Telegram-based gaming, recapturing the excitement of the Notcoin clicker game with over 100 million players as of early June 2024. In Hamster Kombat, you play as the hamster CEO of a fictional crypto exchange, aiming to boost your startup to the top of the industry. The game offers a unique mix of fun and strategy, with the promise of a token launch and airdrop on The Open Network (TON), adding an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards for players.

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Introduction to Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a Play-to-Earn game on the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem, centered around hamsters. Players earn HMSTR tokens, distributed on the TON chain, through a click-to-earn model. In the game, players take on the role of the CEO of a growing cryptocurrency exchange, aiming to expand it to new heights.

Hamster Kombat

Players earn coins by clicking or tapping the screen, which can be used to buy, sell, or trade in-game items. Officially launched on Telegram on March 25, 2024, Hamster Kombat quickly gained traction, attracting 60 million users in just three months. With over 35 million subscribers, it is the largest Telegram channel, and its popularity is expected to continue rising.

Why is Hamster Kombat So Popular?

Hamster Kombat’s viral success stems from its engaging gameplay and word-of-mouth promotion. The game’s main goal is to maximize profit per hour by purchasing boosts with Hamster Kombat Coins.


Players can earn coins faster by inviting friends and receiving rewards. Initially, players could share the game with three friends, but this limit was removed as the game gained popularity, allowing unlimited shares per player. These features have accelerated the game’s growth.


Currently, over 24 million active players spend at least one hour daily on Hamster Kombat, making it a strong competitor to Notcoin, another popular click-to-earn game on the TON ecosystem. TON/USDT is trading at $7.8697, and NOT/USDT is trading at $0.017670.

How to Play Hamster Kombat

Create a Telegram Account

If you don’t have an account yet, download the Telegram app from the App Store or Google Play Store and set up your account.

Access the Hamster Kombat Bot Official Account

Use the provided link or search for the Hamster Kombat Bot on Telegram. Click the "Start" button to begin. Complete registration by following the on-screen instructions and setting up your profile.

Click the “Play” Button to Start Hamster Kombat and Earn Coins ($HMSTR)

In Hamster Kombat, the player’s exchange level depends on their game points balance. There are nine levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Epic, Legendary, Master, and Grandmaster. The mini-program also shows a Lord level which goes above 1 billion points.


What are Hamster Kombat Coins? What are They Used For?

Hamster Kombat coins cannot be used outside the game; they are solely for purchasing in-game items and currently have no real-world value. These coins will count as points for airdrop eligibility, though details are scarce since the tokens are planned for release in July 2024.


To clarify, Hamster Kombat has not released any official tokens yet, particularly with the $HMSTR ticker. Many tokens circulating under this name are scam tokens created by developers in the meme sector to exploit the game’s hype.


At present, there is no information about the utilities of the Hamster Kombat Token, which will be provided after the launch. The coins earned in the game can only be used to purchase boosts, which increase profit per hour for users. There are no other utilities available yet.

How Newbies Can Quickly Earn Hamster Kombat Coins

Basic Earning Coins

Players can start earning coins by tapping on the Hamster Character in the game. Each tap will give players 1 Coin at the beginning with a minimum available taps of 1,000 taps, which is called the energy level. The energy level will fill up by one energy per second, which means players need to wait or buy boosts to earn more and have more energy.

Earn Coins by Upgrading

Players can earn additional rewards by upgrading their gameplay through boosts purchased with earned coins. These coins can be obtained by tapping the hamster or completing other tasks. Boosts offer several benefits, including increasing the number of coins earned per tap and the number of coins earned per hour. Additionally, boosts increase the amount of energy or taps available and reduce the time needed to refill energy after it is used up.

Earn Coins by Mining

Mining, also known as boosts, are purchases that increase your profit per hour. This is crucial because profit per hour, not the coins you have, determines your eligibility for the airdrop.


Mining boosts also help you earn coins passively for up to 3 hours of inactivity, reducing the need to tap the screen frequently. By buying more boosts, you mine more Hamster Kombat Coins per hour, which increases your airdrop allocation.

Earn Coins by Invitation

You can earn coins by inviting friends on Telegram without using the tapping mechanism in the game. There are two options, which are to invite friends who are using regular Telegram and invite friends who are using Telegram Premium.


The reward will be different, as inviting regular Telegram users will earn you 5,000 coins per invite, and premium users will earn you 25,000 per invite.

Earn Coins by Signing In

You can also earn by only logging in to the game, where each day gives you a different reward from 500 coins on the first day to 5 Million Coins on the 10th day. After the 10th day, however, there are no sign-in rewards anymore.


Users can earn more rewards by doing other tasks, such as joining and following all the social media of Hamster Kombat and watching Hamster Kombat’s YouTube video to earn 100,000 coins per video.

Where Can I Buy or Trade Hamster Kombat Tokens?

There is no information yet as to where investors and traders can buy or trade the Hamster Kombat Token, as the token has not been launched yet. However, looking at the several exchanges that the team has been interacting with, either in the game or on social media, there are a couple of names that can be looked at to use as platforms to trade the token with, including Bitrue.

What are Hamster Kombat Tokens? How do They Different from $HMSTR?

The Hamster Kombat Token will be the official token for the Hamster Kombat Game, but its token economics are not yet available. This token will be distinct from the $HMSTR tokens currently circulating in the market, many of which are scams created by developers in the Solana Meme Coin Ecosystem to exploit Hamster Kombat’s popularity.


Traders and investors should exercise caution when dealing with $HMSTR tokens, especially those listed on Dexscreener, as most are not affiliated with Hamster Kombat and are often used for pump-and-dump schemes.

How to Claim Hamster Kombat Token Airdrop

There is no information yet on how to claim the Airdrop after the planned TGE in July 2024. However, users can prepare by connecting their TON Wallet on Telegram to the Hamster Kombat Game. To do this, navigate to the Airdrop section of the game and click the "Connect your TON Wallet" button.


If you don’t have a TON Wallet, create one and deposit some TON for transaction fees. The airdrop will likely be sent directly to the connected TON Wallet. Another possibility is that the Airdrop section of the game will serve as a claim page for the airdrop, so users should monitor it closely.

Join the Bitrue HMSTR Airdrop with BTR Tokens

Bitrue is excited to announce the Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) token airdrop for its users. To participate, users must hold a minimum amount of BTR tokens in their Bitrue account. Eligible tokens include those in Power Piggy, BTR Lockups, or Yield Farming investments, while tokens pledged as collateral, in open orders, or in the process of being withdrawn are not eligible. Snapshots of user balances will be taken at random times, with specific dates to be announced later. The distribution will be based on the proportion of BTR tokens held at the snapshot times. Ensure your account is active and unrestricted to qualify. Follow Bitrue’s official channels for updates and enjoy being part of the Hamster Kombat community!

When Will Hamster Kombat Tokens Be Listed? (TGE)

Hamster Kombat announced the date for the TGE (Token Generation Event). The TGE is scheduled for presumably on Q3, 2024.

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Roadmap of Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat, the popular game on Telegram, recently released its ambitious roadmap for 2024. Here is the roadmap of Hamster Kombat.

June 2024

The game takes a significant leap forward by developing an on-chain infrastructure and integrating a wallet. A “Web 3 pre-listing Quest” is also expected to provide an immersive experience that bridges gaming with decentralized finance aspects.

July 2024

July will mark a milestone with the TGE, which will introduce an in-game token utility. This feature is particularly exciting as it will allow players to use tokens within the game, adding a layer of financial strategy to the gaming experience.

Q3 2024

Squad Kombat will launch in the third quarter of 2024, adding new characters and skins. Time-limited and live events are also scheduled, aiming to increase community engagement and game dynamism.

Q4 2024

The year’s final quarter promises to hold some surprises, which are kept under wraps to heighten player anticipation and excitement.

Latest Hamster Kombat News

FAQ about Hamster Kombat

What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a popular game on Telegram that has generated significant buzz in the crypto community. Players act as virtual hamsters that run a fictional crypto exchange to earn high profits per hour.

Has the Hamster Kombat token been launched?

No, the official token for Hamster Kombat has not been launched yet. Any tokens claiming to be associated with the game are fraudulent.

How can I stay updated on the official token launch?

To stay updated on the official token launch, follow the official Hamster Kombat channels on Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. These channels will provide accurate information and announcements.

Is there an HMSTR token?

There is no such thing as HMSTR tokens associated with the game, as the Hamster Kombat team has not launched their tokens yet. However, you can earn points for airdrop eligibility by earning the in-game Hamster Kombat coins by playing the game.

How do I earn more points?

To earn more points, players need to earn more coins. This can be done by tapping the screen more often, doing additional tasks in the game, and buying boosts with the coins earned to receive more coins per hour passively.


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