What is Gemz Telegram Clicker Game? Ways to Earn Coins and Boost Your Gameplay


Discover everything you need to know about Gemz, the popular Telegram-based clicker game where players earn coins by tapping on gems. Founded by Justin Waldron, co-founder of Zynga and Playco, Gemz has rapidly gained millions of users due to its engaging gameplay. This article will guide you through the basics of playing Gemz, how to earn and use Gemz Coins, and the best strategies for maximizing your rewards. Stay informed about potential token launches and special events to make the most out of your gaming experience.



Key Takeaways

  • Engaging Gameplay and Growth: Gemz, a Telegram clicker game, has rapidly grown to over six million users since its June 2024 launch, offering simple yet addictive gameplay.

  • Maximize Rewards: Earn Gemz Coins by tapping gems, using boosters like Rocket and Full Energy, and progressing through leagues from Bronze to Diamond for increased earnings.

  • Future Potential: While no token launch is announced, Gemz hints at future opportunities on The Open Network (TON), emphasizing community engagement and potential rewards.

What is Gemz?

Gemz is a Telegram-based clicker game where players tap a gem to earn Gemz Coins. The main objective is to tap the gem repeatedly to accumulate coins, which can then be spent on unlocking new features and improving the gameplay experience.


Founded by Justin Waldron, co-founder of Zynga and Playco, Gemz leverages his extensive gaming industry expertise, including creating hits like Zynga Poker and leading numerous Zynga projects. Building on the success of other popular Telegram games such as Hamster KombatNotcoinTapSwap, and Pixelverse, Gemz has quickly attracted a large user base. Launched in early June 2024, the game gained over a million users within its first week and now boasts over six million players, thanks to its simple yet highly engaging gameplay.


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How to Start Playing Gemz Clicker Game 

Follow these steps to access and set up the Gemz bot on Telegram before you start playing the game:


  • Download Telegram: Ensure you have the Telegram app installed on your device. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

  • Search for the Bot: In the Telegram app, use the search bar to find “Gemzcoin_bot”. This is the official bot for the Gemz game.

  • Start the Bot: Click on the bot and initiate a conversation by typing /start. This will give you access to the game.

  • Join via Referral Link: Alternatively, you can start the game by clicking on a referral link shared by another user, which will directly open the bot in Telegram.


Once your bot is set up and running, here is s how to start playing Gemz on Telegram:


  • Initiate Gameplay: Once you have started the bot, click the “Play Now” button. This will take you to the game interface.

  • Understand the Tabs:

  • Friends: This tab allows you to invite friends and earn referral bonuses.

  • Mine: You can purchase and upgrade cards to boost your earnings here.

  • Earn: This tab shows all available earning opportunities, including tasks and social media followings.

  • Boosts: Access features to increase your points per tap and purchase auto-tap bots.

  • Start Tapping: Begin tapping on the gem to earn Gemz Coins. Each tap uses energy, which refills over time. The more you tap, the more coins you accumulate.

  • Leverage Boosters: Use boosters like Rocket for a 5x multiplier, Multitap to increase points per tap, and Full Energy to instantly recharge your energy.

  • Advance Through Leagues: Earn more coins to progress through leagues, starting from Bronze and moving up to Diamond. Each league offers higher rewards and unique UI themes.


Following these steps, you can easily get started with Gemz and earn coins. Engage in tasks, invite friends, and use boosters to maximize your earnings and enjoy the competitive yet fun environment of the Gemz Telegram game.


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How to Earn Gemz Coins

Gemz Coins serve as the main currency in the Gemz game. Players earn them by tapping gems and completing various tasks. These coins are essential because they let you unlock new features and modifiers to improve your gameplay. Future updates are expected to offer more ways to use these coins, boosting their value and significance. By accumulating Gemz Coins, you can fully benefit from upcoming features and opportunities in the game.

Best Ways to Earn Gemz Coins

  • Tapping: The simplest way to earn coins is by tapping on the gem. Each tap consumes energy, which refills over time you don’t tap.

  • Daily Combo: Every day, three special cards are selected. Buying or leveling up these cards can earn you up to 5 million Gemz coins daily.

  • Quests and Challenges: Completing tasks, such as following social media handles or participating in in-game challenges, can boost your coin earnings. You can earn up to 50,000 Gemz coins per task.

  • Referral Program: Inviting friends to join the game earns you bonus coins. Non-premium users get 2,500 coins per referral, while Premium users receive 50,000 coins.

  • Boosters: Use tools like Rocket (5x multiplier), Multitap (increases points per tap), Full Energy (recharges energy instantly), and TapBot (AI helper for earning while away) to enhance your coin-earning potential.


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Leagues and Progression

Gemz features a league system that rewards players based on the total coins they earn. There are five leagues:


  • Bronze: The starting league with 1 coin per tap.

  • Silver: Earn 2 coins per tap. Requires 20,000 taps to reach.

  • Gold: Earn 4 coins per tap. Requires 200,000 taps to reach.

  • Platinum: Earn 8 coins per tap. Requires 2,000,000 taps to reach.

  • Diamond: Earn 16 coins per tap. Requires 10,000,000 taps to reach.

How to Advance to Each League in Gemz

Advancing through leagues not only increases the coins you earn per tap but also unlocks unique UI themes that reflect your progress. Higher leagues offer a more visually appealing interface, enhancing your overall gaming experience. To move up to a higher league, you have to collect a certain number of beats. Only coins earned directly from tapping count towards this threshold, not coins earned from referrals or bonuses.


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How to Use Boosts to Earn More Gemz Coins

Utilize boosts to significantly increase your earnings and overall gameplay experience on Gemz. The following are various boosters provided by the Gemz Telegram game:


  • Rocket: Provides a 5x multiplier on taps for a limited time. Use this booster to quickly increase your coin earnings.

  • Multitap: Increases the number of Gemz Points earned per tap. Multiple levels are available, each with increasing costs.

  • Full Energy: Instantly recharges your energy, allowing you to continue tapping without waiting for a refill.

  • Recharge Speed: Boosts the rate at which energy is regained per second. There are three levels of this booster, each improving the recharge speed.

  • TapBot: An AI helper that earns points while you are away. Available after reaching the Silver League. You need to claim these points within 12 hours.


To maximize your earnings, use the Rocket booster during peak tapping sessions to benefit from the 5x multiplier. Combine this with Multitap to enhance the points earned per tap. Keep your energy levels high by using the Full Energy booster whenever you run low. Utilize the Recharge Speed booster to minimize downtime between tapping sessions. Lastly, activate the Tapbot when you know you will be away from the game to ensure continuous earning.

Daily Limits and Free Refills

You can use the Rocket booster up to three times per day. Energy refills automatically over time, but you can also use the Full Energy booster or wait for free refills, which occur every 8 hours.


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Teams and Collaboration

Gemz also allows you to participate in team play to give you a shot at earning more rewards in the game. Here is how you can collaborate via the team play feature:


  • Create a New Team: To create a team, tap the “Join Team” button at the top of the screen, then select “Create Team”. Provide the public handle (e.g., @channel_name) for the Telegram channel or chat you want to use. Creating a team requires an investment of 500,000 Gemz Coins.

  • Join an Existing Team: To join an existing team, tap the “Join Team” button and choose from the list of available teams. If you invite friends while being part of a team, they will automatically join your team.

  • Benefits of Team Play and Earning Points Together: Team play allows you to collaborate with other players to earn points together. Teams can compete on leaderboards, adding a competitive edge. Working together, you can strategize to maximize coin earnings and share resources.

  • Cost and Process of Creating a Team Versus Joining One: Creating a team costs 500,000 Gemz Coins, which allows you to set up your group and invite others. Joining an existing team is free, making it an accessible option for new players. Both options provide the benefits of collaboration and shared point accumulation.

How to Invite Friends and Earn Referral Bonuses on Gemz 

To invite friends, open the Gemz game and tap on the “Friends” button at the bottom of the screen. Select “Invite Friends” and choose how you want to send the invitation. You can either send a Telegram invite directly or copy the invite link to share on social networks. Every friend who joins using your link will help you earn referral bonuses.

Differences in Bonuses for Telegram Premium vs Non-Premium Users

Non-premium users receive a bonus of 2,500 Gemz Coins for each friend they invite, and the invitee also receives 2,500 coins. For Telegram Premium users, both the inviter and the invitee receive a significantly higher bonus of 50,000 Gemz Coins. This significant difference incentivizes Premium users to actively participate in the referral program.


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What is Gemz Daily Combo?

Daily combos offer a fantastic way to earn extra coins. Every day, three cards are chosen as the Daily Bonus cards. Buying or leveling up all three cards will earn you a bonus amount of coins. This not only boosts your earnings but also promotes regular engagement with the game.


The Mine page is a key feature in Gemz, allowing you to invest in power-up cards to boost your earnings. These cards generate coins in real-time for a specified period, usually three hours. After this period, you need to return to the game to claim your earnings and continue generating coins.

Categories of Cards

  • Gear: Basic equipment cards that are generally cheaper and provide steady earnings.

  • Companions: Cards that represent helpers or assistants in the game, enhancing your mining efficiency.

  • Services: These cards offer various support services that boost your overall earning potential.

  • Specials: The most powerful and expensive cards, available for a limited time. They offer the highest earnings and have unique benefits.

How to Earn Coins from Gemz Daily Combo

Each day, three different cards are selected as Daily Bonus cards. If you purchase or level up all three of these cards on the same day, you will earn a significant coin bonus. This feature motivates players to check in regularly and engage with the game, maximizing their earnings through strategic card purchases and upgrades.


Additionally, participate in special events whenever they are available to boost your Gemz coins earnings. These events often come with unique rewards and bonuses that can significantly help you accumulate more coins. Keep an eye on announcements and be ready to act quickly to take advantage of these opportunities.


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Token and Airdrop News



Why invest time in a fictional, sloth-based crypto-mining operation? Surely, for potential profit. Although Gemz hasn’t officially announced a token launch yet, it’s promoted as a play-to-earn game and allows you to connect a wallet for The Open Network (TON), the blockchain many Telegram games use for their tokens. If Gemz follows the path of Hamster Kombat, it might introduce its token on TON. For now, you can only accumulate in-game coins with the hope of a future payday. Stay tuned for more updates on their official X account.


Gemz offers an engaging and strategic gaming experience on Telegram, leveraging the expertise of Justin Waldron. By tapping gems and completing tasks, players can earn Gemz Coins to unlock new features and enhance gameplay. The game’s rapid growth highlights its appeal, with features like daily combos, quests, and team play providing ample opportunities for coin accumulation. Stay informed about potential token launches and special events to maximize your rewards. Start playing Gemz today to join millions of users in this exciting, coin-earning adventure.


What is Gemz and how do I play?

Gemz is a popular Telegram-based clicker game where players tap on gems to earn Gemz Coins. To start playing, download Telegram, search for “Gemzcoin_bot” and initiate the game by typing /start. Tap the gem to accumulate coins, use boosters, and progress through leagues for higher rewards.

How can I earn Gemz Coins in Gemz?

You can earn Gemz Coins by tapping gems, completing tasks like quests and challenges, participating in the referral program, and using boosters such as Rocket and Multitap. Each method helps you accumulate coins to unlock new game features and improve your gameplay.

What are the benefits of team play in Gemz?

Team play in Gemz allows you to collaborate with other players to earn points together. By creating or joining a team, you can compete on leaderboards, strategize to maximize coin earnings, and share resources. Creating a team requires an investment of 500,000 Gemz Coins while joining a team is free.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not constitute financial or investment advice.

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