Discover the Planet Mojo Ecosystem and the Power of $MOJO Token


Discover the latest advancements in the Planet Mojo ecosystem, a web3 gaming platform powered by the $MOJO token and supported by the Red Moth Network. In this article, we delve into the exciting new features introduced by Mystic Moose, including innovative games like Mojo Melee and GoGo Mojo. Learn how Planet Mojo is empowering players with web3 asset ownership and interoperability, and explore the diverse uses and benefits of the $MOJO token within this dynamic gaming universe.



Key Takeaways

  • Planet Mojo, backed by the Red Moth Network, features diverse games and services for gaming enthusiasts, powered by the $MOJO token.

  • Mystic Moose has introduced innovative games like Mojo Melee and GoGo Mojo, enhancing player engagement with web3 asset ownership.

  • The $MOJO token is essential for in-game purchases, rewards, and governance, driving a dynamic and interoperable gaming ecosystem.

Planet Mojo Ecosystem

Planet Mojo, supported by the Red Moth Network and powered by its native token, $MOJO, is gaining recognition in the gaming ecosystem. This platform offers a wide range of games, services, and experiences specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts. Boston-based gaming company Mystic Moose has unveiled several exciting new features for its Planet Mojo web3 gaming ecosystem. These include innovative new games and an expansion for their flagship title, Mojo Melee. These updates mark a significant advancement toward Mystic Moose’s goal of empowering players with web3 asset ownership and seamless interoperability.

Mojo Melee

Leading the charge is Mojo Melee, a multiplayer PvP auto chess battler that promises to redefine competitive gaming experiences. Players can engage in thrilling battles while utilizing $MOJO through various in-game mechanisms known as $MOJO Sinks. Furthermore, earning $MOJO within Mojo Melee is made possible through engaging gameplay sessions, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding experience for participants.

GoGo Mojo

One of the highlights of Mystic Moose’s latest offerings is the introduction of a new game called GoGo Mojo. This dynamic endless runner is set to captivate the gaming community, providing an immersive experience for both community members and token holders.


GoGo Mojo stands out by allowing players to utilize their customized Mod-able Mojos from Mojo Melee, enabling an interoperable and engaging gaming environment complete with power-ups, competitive leaderboards, and enticing rewards. Simultaneously, the Mojo Maker, the on-chain avatar system of Planet Mojo, is set to become a standalone web application, further enhancing the player experience within the ecosystem.


For those seeking a different adventure, GoGo Mojo offers an endless runner-style game where players navigate their Mojo through obstacles and collectibles. Notably, GoGo Mojo integrates with Mojo Melee, allowing players to utilize their customized Mojos from the main game. Rewards and $MOJO await skilled players in both casual gameplay and competitive tournaments.

Mojo Maker

Planet Mojo’s innovative avatar system, Mojo Maker, empowers players to create and customize their Mod-able Mojos, fostering a sense of individuality and creativity within the community. With ongoing developments, Mojo Maker promises even more features to enhance players’ in-game experiences.

Project Nova and Mojo Frontiers

Project Nova, a AAA game set in the Planet Mojo universe, is actively under development. Meanwhile, Mojo Frontiers serves as the land-based hub for players, offering activities such as harvesting, crafting, and social interactions.


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$MOJO Token

The $MOJO token acts as the utility currency for Planet Mojo’s dynamic ecosystem, which includes existing games like Mojo Melee and the newly launched GoGo Mojo, as well as future titles and experiences within the Mojo universe. Out of the 1 billion total token supply, Planet Mojo has allocated 30 million tokens for public distribution and set aside 320 million tokens for community rewards over the next five years.


In Mojo Melee, players can earn $MOJO tokens by winning Duel matches, with rewards based on factors such as player rank, collection tier, augments, and win streaks. To prevent token farming, players can only earn tokens for up to five wins per day. Future games from Planet Mojo are also expected to feature $MOJO token rewards.


Players can use $MOJO tokens for various purposes, including purchasing cosmetic items, gameplay boosters, tournament entry fees, and random loot boxes. Additionally, $MOJO will serve as the governance token for Planet Mojo, allowing holders to participate in governance proposals. The $MOJO token, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, is the cornerstone of the Planet Mojo ecosystem, powering a range of token-gated products, services, and experiences.


Here is the allocation breakdown and overall tokenomics design for $MOJO:



Source: Redmoth

Planet Mojo Roadmap

From Mojo Melee’s Global Mobile Release, GoGo Mojo, Land Frontiers, and a AAA Action RPG in Unreal Engine 5 to Mojo Maker 2.0, new skins, new arenas, tournaments, community rewards, and social features, there’s a world of fun to discover on Planet Mojo.


roadmap planet mojo.png

Source: Planet Mojo


Planet Mojo is rapidly advancing as a leading web3 gaming ecosystem, driven by its innovative $MOJO token and the support of the Red Moth Network. With exciting new games like Mojo Melee and GoGo Mojo, Mystic Moose is setting a new standard in player engagement and asset ownership. The ecosystem’s emphasis on interoperability and rewarding gameplay ensures a dynamic and immersive experience for all participants. Stay tuned as Planet Mojo continues to expand and introduce new features, making it a vibrant hub for gaming enthusiasts.


What is Planet Mojo and how does it work?

Planet Mojo is a web3 gaming ecosystem powered by the $MOJO token and supported by the Red Moth Network. It offers a variety of games, services, and experiences designed for gaming enthusiasts, allowing players to earn and use $MOJO tokens within the platform.

How can I earn and use $MOJO tokens in Planet Mojo?

Players can earn $MOJO tokens by participating in games like Mojo Melee and GoGo Mojo, where tokens are rewarded for winning matches and completing challenges. $MOJO tokens can be used for purchasing cosmetic items, gameplay boosters, tournament entry fees, and more.

What are the latest games and features introduced in Planet Mojo?

Mystic Moose has recently introduced innovative games such as Mojo Melee, a multiplayer PvP auto chess battler, and GoGo Mojo, a dynamic endless runner. These games enhance player engagement and interoperability within the Planet Mojo ecosystem, offering rewards and exciting gameplay experiences.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not constitute financial or investment advice.

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