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  • Классифицировать2297
  • Оборотное снабжение0
  • Общий объем поставок121,195,171
  • Рыночная капитализация$0
  • Максимальное предложение372,000,000

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24-часовой объем: 279401.9137 RBX

О ReserveBlock (RBX)

ReserveBlock RBX (ReserveBlock.IO) is an open-source p2p layer 1 blockchain built in C# that is fully autonomous, decentralized, and governed by validators through on-chain voting. RBX was developed with a finite purpose, to democratize mining without the burdens and frictions of Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS), but rather a liquid Proof of Assurance (PoA) consensus while earning randomized block rewards in a carbon neutral environment such as a laptop machine with at-will participation. The network is gasless with no lockups or holding periods and gives zero weight to a user's balance. The RBX network is also a complete self-management ecosystem that provides any user with on-chain tools and features to tokenize any digital or physical asset with native minting through self-executing NFT smart contracts (SENs). RBX SENs can be deployed natively with peer-to-peer transferring of the underlying media and files associated with any NFT and through a non-custodial core-wallet without any third-party application.