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We've designed this program to provide our esteemed traders with an enhanced service experience, complete with a multitude of VIP exclusive benefits and perks.


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Benefits and Perks

1. An exclusive dedicated VIP Ambassador
2. 1v1 Priority Bitrue customer support
3. VIP welcome gifts
4. Exclusive trading fee rates
5. Exclusive invites to special events and campaigns

How to Become a Bitrue VIP Trader:

1. Asset Balance = Total Wallet Balance of All Accounts excluding assets staked in Liquidity Mining Product
2. Traders are only required to meet either one of the criteria above to unlock the respective VIP Level. For example, Trader A has an asset balance of $300K, and a last 30-day Futures trading volume of $50 million. Trader A will be promoted to VIP Level 3 and will be entitled to all discounted fee rates stated under VIP 3.

VIP Trading Fee Structure:

1. The Spot Trading fee rate above is only applicable to Crypto Trading pairs.
2. Users can enjoy extra 20% trading fees discount by using BTR, hold BTR now>>

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1. This is the basic rules of VIP trading fee discount, If you wanna apply for Bitrue VIP trader, please kindly fill out this form>>
2. Feel free to contact our admin( if you have any questions about the Bitrue VIP Program.
3. If you want to learn more about Bitrue trading fees, please check these announcements as follows.

*Spot Trading Fee:

*Futures Trading Fee:

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