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Bitrue Loans

Bitrue Loans is the digital currency lending service provided by the Bitrue exchange. Pledge your coins in order to borrow USDT, BTC, XRP or ETH. This allows you to continue to hold the rights to your digital currency while freeing up working capital for immediate projects.

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The loan service we provide refers to the pledge loan service through which Users pledge one digital coin (“Pledged Coin”) held by themselves on our platform for borrowing another digital coin (“Borrowed Coin”). Users must pass KYC verification and set up their PIN code before they can use the loan service. The specific rules of the loan service are listed below:

1.The amount of the Pledged Coin shall not be less than Minimum Pledge Amount, calculated as: 100 USDT / real-time USDT unit price of the Pledged Coin.

2.Coins that can be used as a Pledged Coin include the below coins:

1) Mainstream coins:

2) Stablecoins:

3) Altcoins:

3.Loan term: unlimited, unless the User’s order reaches a margin call or is mandatorily delivered.

4.Interest: the interest is floating and is calculated daily at 17:00 (UTC).

5.Lending pledge rate: , set according to the risk rating of the Pledged Coin.

6.Mandatory delivery rate: , set according to the risk rating of the Pledged Coin.

7.Pledge rate: unfixed, calculated as: (valuation of the Borrowed Coin of an order + valuation of unpaid interest) / valuation of the Pledged Coin) * 100%

8.Normal repayment: Users are entitled to, before the mandatory delivery or closing, repay the principal and interest at any time in the form of the Borrowed Coin (as opposed to the Pledged Coin), provided that the outstanding interest is repaid before the principal. The repayment rules for the principal and interest are listed below. Bitrue will return the Pledged Coin of the User to their spot account in proportion to the principal and interest actually repaid by the User, until all the principal and outstanding interests are fully repaid.

9.Principal repayment method: Users may choose to repay the principal in whole or in part at their sole discretion.

10.Interest payment method: the amount of interest to be repaid will be stated at the end of each month, and must be repaid before the fifth day of the next month. If the repayment is not received by the deadline, the system will automatically deduct the funds at 16:00 UTC on the fifth day (with no penalty), i.e. the interest will be automatically debited from the spot account, and if the balance of the spot account is insufficient, the system will deduct the remaining interest from the pledge account.

11.Margin call and mandatory delivery: when the pledge rate rises to a dangerous value, we will endeavor to notify the User by email and SMS and will encourage a margin call to be met. If the User fails to carry out a margin call or the margin call is insufficient for any other reasons so as to reach or exceed the mandatory delivery rate, the order of the user will be delivered mandatorily. Under such circumstance, the order will be deemed to have been completed, and the User is not required nor will they be able to repay or carry out the margin call, etc.

For example, if the mandatory pledge rate of the order is set as 85%, and its pledge rate reaches 85% or above, the order of the User will suffer a mandatory delivery, i.e. all the Pledged Coins of the User and any benefits, proceeds, or entitlements from those Pledged Coins (if any) will be owned by us, and all the Borrowed Coins and any benefits, proceeds, or entitlements from those Borrowed Coins (if any) will be owned by the User, and the loan relationship between the User and Bitrue with regards to that specific order will be terminated.

12.Mandatory termination: For an order with a term of more than one month, Bitrue is entitled to terminate such order if the risk of the Pledge Coin suddenly increases. We will terminate as follows: the system will automatically deduct all the outstanding amounts from the spot account of the User, including the principal and interest), and return the Pledge Coin to the User’s spot account; but if the amount in the spot account is insufficient, a mandatory delivery will be enforced automatically.