Bitrue x Crypto Data Space!
2 Steps to Claim 15 USDT Bonus!

Campaign period: Feb 9th to Mar 17th, 2024 (UTC+8)


Step 1:

Sign up with Crypto Data Space's Referral code: ZQVVETA and complete KYC1>>

Step 2:

Trade Spot&Futures >= $100, get 5 USDT in Cash!
Trade Spot&Futures >= $500, get 15 USDT in Cash!


1. Rewards will be distributed within 8 working days after the campaign ends.
2. All qualified users need to hold at least 30 USDT in their Bitrue account during this campaign period. Internal transfer assets won't be qualified for rewards.
3. Bitrue reserves the right to interpret the event and deal with any cheating behaviors of participants, including but not limited to wash-trading, multiple accounts under the same IP address.