Blast, Starknet, zkSync, and Manta: Comparative Analysis of Layer 2 Solutions


Key Takeaways:

  • Blast, Starknet, zkSync, and Manta Network differ significantly in their token allocation strategies, with Blast and zkSync leading in community allocation percentages.
  • Starknet maintains the highest reserve allocation among the compared Layer 2 solutions, critical for future ecosystem growth.
  • Manta Network stands out for its substantial allocation to public investors, contrasting with other projects' strategies.

The recently launched Blast crypto project has attracted significant attention for its generous community token allocation, ranking second among the latest Layer 2 (L2) solutions, as reported by Token Unlocks. 

Data from the tracker highlights Blast's substantial reserve of BLAST tokens specifically designated for community members. The analysis contrasts Blast with three other prominent L2 solutions: Starknet (STRK), zkSync (ZK), and Manta Network (MANTA).

Source: Token Unlocks on X

zkSync leads in community allocation with 67%, followed closely by Blast at 50%. Manta Network has allocated 36% of its total token supply to the community, while Starknet's allocation stands at 18%.

Tokens reserved for community use play a vital role in incentivizing ecosystem growth and rewarding liquidity providers. Such allocations often fund airdrop campaigns. The accompanying chart illustrates that these projects have largely unlocked their community allocations, except for Manta Network.

Token Reserves and Allocation Insights Across Projects

In terms of token reserves, zkSync stands out with a zero allocation, while Starknet leads with a 32% reserve allocation, followed by Manta Network at 14% and Blast at 8%.

When it comes to allocation to private investors, Manta Network allocates the highest at 24%, with Starknet following closely at 19%. Blast and zkSync allocate the least, each dedicating 17% of their token supplies to private investors. Notably, Starknet has fully utilized its reserve allocation.

In terms of token allocation to team members and founders, Starknet leads with 31%, followed by Blast at 26%, Manta Network at 18%, and zkSync at 16%. Among the compared projects, only Manta Network has a substantial allocation for public investors, while others have none.


  • What role do community token allocations play in Layer 2 solutions like Blast and zkSync? Community allocations incentivize participation and liquidity provision, fostering broader ecosystem engagement and growth.
  • Why is Starknet's reserve allocation notable among these projects? Starknet's significant reserve allocation ensures ongoing support for its ecosystem and future development initiatives.
  • How does Manta Network's allocation strategy differ from other Layer 2 solutions? Manta Network prioritizes public investor allocations, aiming to broaden its investor base and community engagement compared to its peers.


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