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Bitrue Loans

Pledge your coins in order to borrow USDT, BTC, XRP or ETH. You can hold the rights to your digital currencies while freeing up working capital for immediate projects.


Power Piggy

Generate passive interest at high rates with flexible investment options. Deposit and withdraw at any time according to your needs.


Our Features

The Most Reliable Digital Asset Trading Platform

  • Bitrue Financial Services

    Power Piggy provides stable interest returns, while Bitrue Loans gives you greater flexibility for investments

  • Trusted and Secure

    We have an exceptional uptime record with a decentralized structure and anti-DDOS protection system. Proprietary multi-signature cold wallet technology guarantees the safety of funds Our self-developed risk control system ensures maximum security and protection.

  • High Performance Order Matching Engine

    We offer a multi-threaded high performance market order matching engine capable of handling millions of orders per second

What Our Clients Say

95% positive feedback from our users

I love BiTrue for real the best investment after XRP😍😍😍 excited for the future plans and developments... the sky is the limit for BTR & XRP😁

I've never been happier using another exchange. @BitrueOfficial is climbing faster and faster and should 💯 be on everyone's radar. #powerpiggy is amazing and nowVIP caps, @Curis_Wang keeps impressing every step.

I'm not kissing A, but, since 2017 I've signed with over 30 exchanges, I belonged to them all, but for the past 9 months, Bitrue.. to me has grown well, making all the right moves, I'm not afraid to say it's basically the only one I use now (besides my fiat exch site)

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