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  • Rütbe578
  • Dolaşımdaki Tedarik2,081,062,787.3474767
  • Toplam Arz7,000,000,000
  • Piyasa değeri$29,372,711.5082331
  • Maksimum Arz7,000,000,000

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0.0129 -15.13%

24 Saatlik Hacim: 37952.48 LOCUS

Hakkında Locus Chain (LOCUS)

Locus Chain claims to be the world is first practically usable public blockchain that achieves scalability under complete decentralization. Locus Chain is known to be the world's first to implement BFT consensus algorithms (Patented Technology) in the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)-based Account-Wise Transaction Chain (AWTC) ledger structure to maintain fast processing speed. In addition, there is no limit to the number of validators that participate through PoS that can affect the performance, and nodes can operate with low computing power due to fair electing committees to participate in the agreement for every round. In addition, it is the world's first blockchain network that implements dynamic sharding, and it has reduced the storage space and network bandwidth of nodes to the lowest level by adding its own technology called VERIFIBLE Pruning (patented technology). It claims that it is the first project to solve the blockchain's dilemma of true decentralization and scalability by combining all these factors, and to ensure network stability, performance, and low node operating costs.* Verifiable Pruning: A technology that allows the capability of verifying the validity of previous data with a minimum hash value.* Dynamic sharding: A technology in which the entire network is divided into shard units and dynamically reconfigured to the most stable state to reduce network load and ledger size while maintaining stability of the network.

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