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  • Ranga713
  • Krążące zaopatrzenie999,271,531.58001
  • Całkowita podaż1,020,000,000
  • Kapitalizacja rynkowa$18,256,386.807525672
  • Maksymalna podaż1,000,000,000

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Głośność 24H: 165378868 GFT

O Gifto (GFT)


GIFTO, which stands for Gifting Protocol, is a universal protocol that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. GIFTO offers a self-governing and self-sustaining system for blockchain based virtual gifts to be created, curated, bought, sent and exchanged across any global content platform such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, among others. GIFTO was the inaugural project on Binance¡¯s Launchpad, and has strategic partnerships with leading companies and projects including Binance, Nebulas, Kyber, and many others. GIFTO was created by Uplive, the world¡¯s fastest growing revenue live streaming app, with over 35mln users across the world.

Mass adoption of Gifto

Building on this key milestone, Gifto wallet will be available in more countries on Uplive and ramp up usage of GTO to buy virtual gifts for broadcasters. GTO token-holders in a permitted country can install the Uplive app, see a Gifto wallet, and send any number of on-chain tokens to the wallet for use in Uplive. Opening up wallets and activating users in Uplive is the first step to enable influencers and their fans to use Gifto¡¯s universal gifting platform, which will open up a huge global audience for Gifto and make Gifto the most used token by mass market users. Currently, most of the GTO transactions occur on GIFTO private chain server, saving users gas fees and allowing them to sending GTO gifts instantaneously to broadcasters during live streams and via direct messages to friends.

GTO in Uplive is just the first step towards mass consumer adoption of the Gifto wallet. New major integrations and partnerships are in plans as Gifto pursue its bigger vision of making GTO the number one social entertainment token, with usage already in livestreaming, gaming, charity, art, and virtual gifting.

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