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  • Pangkat319
  • Persediaan yang Beredar6,399,906,497
  • Jumlah Pasokan10,000,000,000
  • Kapitalisasi Pasar$60,716,793.27363259
  • Pasokan Maksimal10,000,000,000

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0.011395 -0.03%

Volume 24 jam: 38844097 QKC


0.00000027 -3.57%

Volume 24 jam: 265769 QKC


0.00000511 0.39%

Volume 24 jam: 4616449 QKC

Tentang Quark Chain (QKC)

The QuarkChain Network is an innovative permissionless blockchain architecture that aims to meet global commercial standards. It provides a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS. The main features of the QuarkChain Network are:

- Reshardable two-layered blockchain: the QuarkChain Network consists of two layers of blockchains. Elastic sharding blockchains (shards) are applied as the first layer, and a root blockchain as the second layer that confirms the blocks from the first layer. The first layer is flexible to be resharded as needed without changing the root layer.

- Guaranteed security by market-driven collaborative mining: To ensure the security of all transactions, a game-theoretic framework is designed for incentives, where at least 50% of overall hash powers are allocated to the root chain to prevent double-spend attacks on any transactions.

- Anti-centralized horizontal scalability: In any blockchain network with a high TPS, a super-full node can be extremely expensive, which encourages centralization. In contrast, the QuarkChain Network allows multiple cheap nodes to form a cluster that has the ability to replace a super-full node.

- Efficient cross-shard transactions: Cross-shard transactions in the QuarkChain Network can be issued at any time, and confirmed in minutes. The speed of cross-shard transactions increases linearly as the number of shards increases.

- Simple account management: There is only one account needed for the entire blockchains (shards) in the QuarkChain Network. All cryptocurrencies from different shards are stored in one smart wallet.

- Turing-complete smart contract platform: the QuarkChain Network supports Turing-complete smart contracts and has adopted the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to allow for easy migration of existing EVM decentralized Apps onto the platform of the QuarkChain Network.

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  • Jumlah MAU peringkat teratas 25%
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  • Kapitalisasi pasar menduduki peringkat teratas 10%
  • Jumlah Pengikut Twitter/X menduduki peringkat teratas 25%