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Short 1INCH, 3x Leverage Harga



1INCH3S Informasi Pasar

  • Aset Dasar1INCH(1INCH)
  • Nilai bersih0.033446 USDT
  • Biaya Manajemen Harian0.1%
  • Jumlah Pasokan4,286,334 1INCH3S
  • Kapitalisasi Pasar143,360.726964 USDT

1INCH3S Harga Langsung


0.03331 -19.94%

Volume 24 jam: 4380538.0655 1INCH3S

Tentang Short 1INCH, 3x Leverage (1INCH3S)

1INCH3S is a leverage token representing a short position on 1INCH multiplied by 3. If 1INCH decreases by 1%, the net value of 1INCH3S will increase by approximately 3%. In a fluctuating market the NAV of the token will be worn, and in extreme market conditions the value of the asset may be reduced to 0. Leverage tokens should only be held for short time periods to avoid losses resulting from price erosion.