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safe (SAFE) a cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain Network, is currently attracting significant interest in the crypto market. As the safe ecosystem expands, it has established a notable presence within the decentralized exchange (DEX) sector. More and more people are becoming interested in safe. They wish to invest or purchase safe (SAFE), but may not know how to get started. Here, we will guide you through all the information you need to know about purchasing safe. Regardless of your location, Bitrue can provide you with a simple and secure way to buy SAFE.

Where and how to buy safe

When it comes to purchasing safe (SAFE), users may focus on various factors, such as cryptographic wallets, on-chain protocols, and other complex operations. Fortunately, Bitrue exchange allows you to buy safe in a simple and quick manner. Just register through the official website or app, verify your identity, set up your payment methods (such as credit cards/debit cards/bank transfers), or deposit cryptocurrencies to your Bitrue wallet for spot trading. The purchased SAFE will be stored in your crypto wallet account to ensure asset security. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy safe (SAFE) through Bitrue.

Steps to Buy safe (SAFE)


Step 1 Create a Bitrue Account

  • - Register through the official website,
  • - Download the Bitrue App and complete the registration process.
  • After successfully registering your Bitrue account, follow the security prompts on the website or app to enable Google 2FA for account dynamic verification.

Step 2 Complete KYC Verification

Visit the identity verification page on the Bitrue official website or app, select your country or region, upload valid identification documents, and submit a selfie. Once the identity verification is successful, you will receive a notification.

Step 3 Choose the method to Buy safe (SAFE)

  • Buy safe through Spot Markets

    • Note: Currently, the most popular safe spot trading pairs include SAFE/USDT and SAFE/USDC. Before purchasing safe (SAFE) in the spot market, please ensure that your Bitrue wallet has a sufficient amount of cryptocurrencies (e.g. USDT, USDC). If your account does not have enough cryptocurrencies, you will need to recharge your Bitrue account.
    • 1. Click on "Trade" -> "Spot" on the Bitrue official website or app.
    • 2. Select safe (SAFE) from the list of cryptocurrencies.
    • 3. Enter the quantity of SAFE you want to purchase, either at the market price or set a target price for buying safe.
    • 4. Confirm the purchase order.
    • 5. Transaction completed.
    • If Bitrue exchange currently does not support the above methods for purchasing safe (SAFE), users can only deposit SAFE assets into their Bitrue accounts through a cryptocurrency wallet or choose a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports SAFE trading pairs for purchasing.

Step 4 Successful Purchase

  • The purchased safe assets are stored by default in your Bitrue cryptocurrency wallet or trading account. You can use Bitrue to trade other cryptocurrencies, stake for passive income, or withdraw it to an external safe cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Note: If you have not received your safe (SAFE), visit the help center or contact online customer support for assistance.

Alternative methods to acquire safe

Apart from directly buying safe (SAFE), what are the alternative methods to acquire safe ?

Fixed Auto-Investment in SAFE

Regularly invest a fixed amount at scheduled intervals in safe (SAFE) digital assets, enjoying both short-term returns and long-term benefits.

Staking SAFE

Flexible staking of safe (SAFE) digital assets to earn interest or high returns in other cryptocurrencies.

Get safe (SAFE) for free

If you have enough time, you can obtain safe for free through the following methods:
- Invite friends to join the Bitrue coupon event and earn free safe (SAFE).
- Join the Bitrue Rewards Center, participate in ongoing challenges and airdrops to receive free safe.
- All cryptocurrency airdrops and rewards can be exchanged for SAFE through coin-to-coin exchange or spot trading.

How to keep your safe safe and secure

Once you have purchased safe, it is crucial to store it in a secure location. Bitrue is a secure, transparent, technologically stable, and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange. Bitrue allows you to store safe and other digital assets in the encrypted wallet of your platform account, enabling you to trade, deposit, and withdraw anytime, anywhere.
If you are highly familiar with operating on-chain safe wallets, you also have the option to store safe (SAFE) separately in a personal encrypted wallet. This wallet serves to keep your safe secure and accessible, allowing you to send and receive it while maintaining control.
To ensure the security of your safe, consider the following types of encrypted wallets:
- Mobile Wallets: Store your private key in an application on your smartphone.
- Web Wallets: Third-party-controlled online servers that store your private key.
- Desktop Wallets: Computer programs that allow you to store your private key on a hard drive.
- Hardware Wallets: Physical devices for offline storage of private keys.
Note: Cryptocurrency wallets do not technically store your safe encrypted assets. Instead, the assets remain on the blockchain, and access is granted using the digital private keys stored in the wallet.

Why Bitrue is the Best Platform for Buying safe (SAFE)

User-friendly Interface
Trading cryptocurrencies on Bitrue is a breeze, requiring just a few simple steps to instantly purchase safe.
Swift Deposits and Withdrawals
Our efficient real-time trading system ensures your safe assets are instantly depositable and withdrawable.
Security and Stability
With dual-factor authentication, multi-signature support, and cold-hot wallet segregation technology, we ensure the systematic security of safe.

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Some market stats about SAFE

Price Analysis

SAFEsafe Price Now:

safe is falling this week.

The price of safe has dropped by -5.6% in the last 7 days. It has seen a -2.98% decrease in the past 24 hours and a -0.51% decrease in just the last hour. The current price is $1.36 per SAFE. safe is dropped -44.51% from its all-time high of $2.46.

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FAQ About Buy Crypto

What is safe?

Safe is the ownership layer of web3 securing >$100B+. It includes Safe{Core} a full stack of account abstraction infrastructure and the industry-standard multi-sig, Safe{Wallet}. The project is focused on making every Ethereum account, a smart account and enabling new use cases like AI, Staking, Gaming, SocialFi, DeFi, and Payments to flourish with gasless transaction, easy face-ID like logins, onramps, recovery and more. Safe currently has a large ecosystem of 200+ projects including Gnosis Pay and Worldcoin, deployed in over 15 networks, building on the Safe smart account standard. Safe{Wallet} is also used widely by individuals like Vitalik Buterin, Punk6529 as well as web2 giants like Shopify and Reddit for self-custody of assets and high value NFTs.

How many safe are there in total?

The total supply of safe is 1,000,000,000 and the Circulating Supply is 426,815,046 .

Why are people buying safe?

People buy safe for various reasons. Some view it as an investment, expecting its value to increase, while others appreciate its decentralization and anonymity, seeking to avoid restrictions of traditional financial systems. Additionally, safe serves as a digital asset with transactions independent of central authorities. Overall, motivations for purchasing safe include investment, risk diversification, and trust in new digital assets.

Where is the preferred place to buy safe?

Bitrue exchange, with its secure and stable platform, user-friendly interface, low fees, and high liquidity, stands as the best exchange for millions of users to purchase SAFE.

Should I buy safe?

Deciding whether to buy safe depends on individual financial goals, risk tolerance, and understanding of the digital asset market. safe investments involve market volatility and risks, so it's advisable to thoroughly understand its characteristics and market conditions before purchasing. If you have investment experience, can withstand price fluctuations, and are willing to accept potential losses, buying safe (SAFE) may be a suitable investment choice. However, remember that all investments come with risks.

Can I use cash to buy safe?

Generally, buying safe digital assets by cash is relatively challenging, as most cryptocurrency exchanges prefer electronic payments or bank transfers.

How much does it cost to buy 10 SAFE?

To purchase 10 SAFE, the cost in USD would be $13.65.

What are the fees for buying safe?

Bitrue offers the lowest fees across all cryptocurrencies. Check the fee rates for all cryptocurrencies here.

How to use Apple Pay to buy SAFE?

Currently, Bitrue does not support purchasing SAFE or adding fiat currency using Apple Pay.

How to use Google Pay to buy SAFE?

Currently, Bitrue does not support purchasing SAFE or adding fiat currency using Google Pay.

How to use Paypal to buy SAFE?

Currently, Bitrue does not support purchasing SAFE or adding fiat currency using Paypal.

What can I do with safe?

You can use safe to pay for goods and services, invest, transfer and remit, preserve assets, participate in DeFi, donate, and more.

How to sell my safe?

If your Bitrue wallet does not hold safe, you need to deposit SAFE into your Bitrue account. If you already have SAFE, log in to your trading platform account, find the Sell option, usually located on the OTC or market trading page. Enter the quantity of SAFE you want to sell, select the selling price, confirm the sell order, and once your SAFE is successfully sold, you can withdraw funds to your set bank account or other payment methods.

Can I purchase safe (SAFE) worth 1 US dollar?

In theory, safe (SAFE) can be divided into many units of 1 US dollar each, but on Bitrue, the minimum order amount for SAFE is 10 US dollars.
Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and can experience rapid price fluctuations. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and Bitrue is not liable for any losses you may incur. We rely on third-party sources for price and other data related to the cryptocurrencies listed above, and we are not responsible for its reliability or accuracy. The information provided on this platform and any associated materials are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice.