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BLZ Information du marché

  • Rang307
  • Approvisionnement en circulation426,454,176.7280512
  • Offre totale500,000,000
  • Capitalisation boursière$99,561,864.65439372
  • Offre maximale0

BLZ Prix en direct


0.2451 -2.15%

Volume 24H: 617416 BLZ

À propos de Bluzelle (BLZ)

Bluzelle uses blockchain, decentralized, and trustless computing technologies as the foundation for The New Data Economy. Data is the currency, and this economy thrives on the responsible curation, storage, and dissemination of data from and between individuals, companies, and governments.

The nucleus of this borderless data economy is the Bluzelle decentralized database - a powerful system that allows for scalability, reliability, consistent performance, and high security metrics. With this database and framework of tools, Bluzelle allows developers to build products around three areas: (1) Private Data Ownership, (2) Data Syndication and (3) the Decentralized Web Infrastructure.

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Faits saillants et alertes

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Faits saillants et alertes

  • Le volume des transactions quotidiennes se classe en tête 10%
  • Nombre de MAU classés en tête 10%
  • Le nombre d'abonnés Twitter/X se classe en tête 10%
  • La capitalisation boursière se classe en tête 10%