Precio criptográfico


Short API3, 3x Leverage Precio



API33S Información de mercado

  • Activo subyacenteAPI3(API3)
  • Valor neto0.0000983682 USDT
  • Tarifa de gestión diaria0.1%
  • Oferta total208,240,000 API33S
  • Tapa del mercado20,484.193968 USDT

API33S Precio en vivo


0.0000983877 -16.50%

Volumen 24H: 2163819007 API33S

Acerca de Short API3, 3x Leverage (API33S)

API33S is a leverage token representing a short position on API3 multiplied by 3. If API3 decreases by 1%, the net value of API33S will increase by approximately 3%. In a fluctuating market the NAV of the token will be worn, and in extreme market conditions the value of the asset may be reduced to 0. Leverage tokens should only be held for short time periods to avoid losses resulting from price erosion.