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  • Gesamtangebot21,000,000
  • Marktkapitalisierung$0
  • Maximales Angebot21,000,000

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24-Stunden-Volumen: 59673.465 LQ

Um Liqwid Finance (LQ)

Liqwid is an algorithmic, non-custodial liquidity protocol for lending and borrowing on Cardano. It establishes a decentralized marketplace for lenders and borrowers to seamlessly interact via supplying funds, minting interest-bearing qTokens, borrowing assets and participating in governance.

The protocol is built on the Cardano UTXO model for deterministic, secure, and low-cost transactions. The Liqwid Protocol is built to enable any liquidity provider or user to access interest and liquidity on-demand and for developers to unlock a web3-verse of open financial applications.

The total supply of the LQ DAO Token is 21,000,000 and the token contract address can be found here
(policy ID: da8c30857834c6ae7203935b89278c532b3995245295456f993e1d24).



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