ZKsync's New Elastic Chain, Boosting Efficiency in Layer 2


Key Takeaways:

  • The ZKsync 3.0 protocol upgrade, released on June 7, 2024, transforms the L1 bridge into a shared router contract, enhancing capital efficiency and simplifying asset movement.
  • The Elastic Chain employs recursive ZK proofs for infinite parallelism and rapid transaction verification, addressing efficiency and user experience challenges across multiple blockchains.
  • The updated strategy includes interconnected Layer 2 networks and advanced cryptographic techniques, improving scalability and security while preparing for over 20 additional ZK Chains by the end of 2024.


What's New in the ZKsync 3.0 Protocol Upgrade

The ZKsync Elastic Chain, introduced as part of the ZKsync 3.0 protocol upgrade, marks a significant development. Released on June 7, 2024, this update transforms the existing L1 bridge into a shared router contract, improving capital efficiency and simplifying asset movement. 

The new configuration prepares the network for over 20 additional ZK Chains set to launch by the end of 2024. 

The Elastic Chain employs recursive ZK proofs, allowing infinite parallelism and rapid transaction verification. This approach addresses user experience and efficiency challenges across multiple blockchains. 

By creating an ecosystem of interconnected autonomous chains, the Elastic Chain facilitates smoother asset transfers and enhances security, distinguishing it from traditional cross-chain bridges.

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ZKsync's Strategy for Improved Scalability and User Protection

The latest ZKsync roadmap signifies a shift from a single Ethereum Layer 2 setup to a more extensive multi-chain architecture. This updated strategy fosters interconnected Layer 2 networks, utilizing shared infrastructure to improve scalability and functionality. 

Recursive ZK proofs ensure the system can manage a high volume of transactions efficiently, meeting the increasing demands of its users.

Source: zkSync on X

Moreover, following the announcement that over 695,000 wallets were eligible for the ZK token airdrop, there was a rise in malicious DApps impersonating zkSync. Ido Ben-Natan, CEO of Blockaid, explained that these DApps used drainer SDKs to avoid detection. Scammers exploited X’s verified accounts to distribute malicious links. 

The token distribution, running from June 17 to July 16, aims to allocate 10.5 million ZK tokens. The community raised concerns about filtering Sybil farms, which the zkSync team is addressing to ensure a fair process.

By combining advanced cryptographic techniques with a commitment to user security and scalability, the ZKsync Elastic Chain represents a pivotal step forward in blockchain technology.


  • What is the main improvement introduced by the ZKsync 3.0 protocol upgrade? The upgrade transforms the existing L1 bridge into a shared router contract, significantly enhancing capital efficiency and simplifying asset movement across the network.
  • How does the Elastic Chain improve transaction verification? The Elastic Chain uses recursive ZK proofs, allowing for infinite parallelism and rapid transaction verification, which boosts efficiency and user experience across multiple blockchains.
  • What measures are being taken to ensure the security of the ZK token distribution? The zkSync team is addressing community concerns about filtering Sybil farms and tackling malicious DApps impersonating zkSync, ensuring a fair and secure token distribution process.


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