Hamster Kombat Token Launches on TON Blockchain


Key Takeaways:

  • Hamster Kombat, a viral mini-app on Telegram, has rapidly amassed 239 million registered users within three months, marking it as the fastest-growing digital service globally.
  • The app's "Tap to Earn" model, akin to successful crypto projects like Notcoin, underscores its appeal, particularly in Iran where it has gained significant traction.
  • Anticipation is mounting for the launch of the Hamster Kombat token on the TON blockchain, with recent announcements hinting at a potential airdrop in the near future.


Telegram CEO Pavel Durov recently shared exciting news about Hamster Kombat, a mini-app on the platform, which has become an internet sensation. In his post, Durov highlighted the app's meteoric rise, noting that it reached 100 million monthly active users in just 73 days, with 4-5 million new users joining daily. 

In a span of just three months, the app has garnered 239 million registered users. This rapid growth has positioned Hamster Kombat as the fastest-growing digital service globally.

The game's simplicity, which centers around earning coins by clicking, has struck a chord with users, particularly in Iran, where it has attracted thousands of players. 

The "Tap to Earn" model, successful in the cryptocurrency industry, has seen Hamster Kombat following in the footsteps of Notcoin, a pioneer in this space. The success of these projects highlights the potential of combining gaming with cryptocurrency incentives.

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Anticipation Builds for Hamster Kombat Token Airdrop

Beyond its gaming allure, Hamster Kombat’s token is anticipated to be launched on the TON blockchain, offering blockchain advantages to its extensive user base. 

On July 4, an official post from Hamster Kombat raised questions about the timing of its token launch, airdrop, and token generation events. 

This post has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community, hinting that a Hamster Kombat token airdrop on the TON blockchain might be imminent.


  • What is Hamster Kombat? Hamster Kombat is a popular mini-app on Telegram known for its simplicity and the ability to earn coins through clicking, attracting millions of users globally.
  • Why is Hamster Kombat launching a token? The launch of the Hamster Kombat token on the TON blockchain aims to integrate blockchain advantages into its platform, enhancing user engagement and offering new opportunities for its extensive user base.
  • When can we expect the Hamster Kombat token airdrop? While specific dates haven't been confirmed, recent announcements suggest that a Hamster Kombat token airdrop on the TON blockchain could be forthcoming, generating significant interest within the cryptocurrency community.


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