Floki Token Safety Alert: Official Trading Addresses and Scam Warnings


The official Floki meme coin X (previously Twitter) account recently posted a cautionary message to its community, warning them about fraudulent claims that the FLOKI token is available on the Base or Solana blockchains.


Key Takeaways

  • Only trade FLOKI tokens on the BNB Chain and Ethereum network using verified contract addresses provided by Floki for security.

  • Users must exercise extreme caution and verify all information through official sources to avoid falling prey to scams claiming FLOKI tokens are available on other blockchains.

  • Stay vigilant against fake airdrops, social media messages requesting wallet access, and other fraudulent activities targeting FLOKI enthusiasts, as highlighted by the Floki team.

Official FLOKI Token Addresses for Safe Trading


Source: Floki Inu on X


The Floki team has emphasized that the only legitimate FLOKI tokens are only available for trading on the BNB Chain and Ethereum network. For transaction security, Floki has provided the correct contract addresses for the FLOKI token:

  • ETH: 0xcf0c122c6b73ff809c693db761e7baebe62b6a2e
  • BNB: 0xfb5b838b6cfeedc2873ab27866079ac55363d37e

Accordingly, the team urged users to exercise severe caution and always verify information through official sources to avoid falling target to these scams. This warning serves as a reminder to the crypto community to remain vigilant and cautious of fraudulent activities.


This is not the first time the Floki team has issued such a warning. Last month, they reminded the crypto community to beware of fake FLOKI airdrop messages, comments, videos, and groups, stressing that these are scams. They noted that FLOKI is not conducting any airdrops and has no intention of doing so. 


Moreover, the team confirmed that they will never send direct messages to the crypto community on social media requesting privileged access to their wallets, as these are common scam tactics. Notably, FLOKI enthusiasts have become prime targets for crypto scams amid the project’s growing ecosystem. In March, the team announced a 2024 roadmap centered on practical, utility-driven initiatives, including plans to introduce regulated digital banking accounts and Floki debit cards for easier transactions.


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At this time of writing, Floki Inu is trading at $0.0001718 per FLOKI/USD, with a current market cap of $1,663,508,228. The 24-hour trading volume is $208,660,560. Floki Inu has experienced a circulating supply of 9,692,438,169,253.


The Floki team’s recent warnings underscore the importance of verifying information and using official sources to avoid falling victim to scams related to the FLOKI token. Their emphasis on caution and vigilance within the crypto community is crucial amidst ongoing fraudulent activities targeting enthusiasts. By providing verified contract addresses and issuing timely alerts, Floki aims to protect its users and maintain transparency in the marketplace. As the project continues to evolve, with initiatives like digital banking accounts and debit cards on the horizon, staying informed and cautious remains key for navigating the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency investments.


How can I verify the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency token?

Verify the official trading addresses provided by the cryptocurrency project on their official website or social media channels. Avoid tokens claimed to be available on unfamiliar blockchains or through unsolicited messages.

Why is it important to use official sources when dealing with cryptocurrencies?

Official sources provide verified information about token listings, trading pairs, and legitimate projects. Relying on official channels helps protect against fraudulent activities that target crypto enthusiasts with fake tokens and misleading claims.

How can I ensure I’m trading the legitimate Floki token?

Trade Floki tokens only on the BNB Chain and Ethereum network using the official contract addresses provided by Floki Inu. Avoid tokens claimed to be available on other blockchains, as these may be scams.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not constitute financial or investment advice.

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