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  • 1. What is the investment process?
  • 2. What's the investment timeframe?
  • 3. When does the investment get redeemed?
  • 4. Can I redeem early?
  • 5. Why does the APY change?
  • 6. Am I eligible to invest in Yield Farming?
  • 7. Is there any risk in investing?
  • 8. Will there be any changes in the conditions of the related activities?
Welcome to Yield Farming

Here you can set up a passive income stream for yourself and steadily grow your wealth.

  • 1. Choose a time period and APY that suits your needs
  • 2. When you've made your choice click on 'Stake now' and enter the details of your investment
  • 3. On the pledge details page you can see the detailed timeframe and estimated income
  • 4. You can check past DeFi investments on the History page
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