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  1. Stake your BTR to increase the amount you can invest in our lock-up investments. 1 BTR entitles you to the equivalent of 0.5 USD.
  2. This offer is only available when community caps have sold out and the lock-up solicitation period is still active.
  3. Your BTR will be locked at the same time as the principal. When the investment matures and the interest is disbursed, your BTR will be returned to your current account.
  4. The BTR to be locked up will be taken from your current account. Please ensure the BTR is available in advance.
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  • Rules
  • FAQ
  1. Cryptocurrency Type:
  2. Cap details: Users can invest during the time that the lock-up cap is open. The remaining time for investing, and the remaining cap, will be displayed on the Bitrue website
  3. Rewards: Participants will earn at a % annual interest rate as a reward. For every 10,000 put into the program, you will earn totally
  4. Rewards Distribution: After the lock-up time, the principal and the earnings will be distributed to the available account
  5. Funds can be unlocked during the participation period, but interest will not be generated on the unlocked portion.
  6. For this offer, Bitrue guarantees the safety of your principal and earnings
  7. Minimum amount to join:
  8. Eligibility: All users are eligible to participate
  9. Final interepretation of this activity belongs to Bitrue. Bitrue reserves the right to adjust the rules of the event at any time based on market and operating conditions