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How to trade

Step 1: After selecting coin and a coin pair, click "Limit" for trading under limited prices, click "Market" for trading under market prices

Please find the following image for reference for BTC trading, under『Limit』or『Market』, for both buying and selling

Step 2: If you select to trade under "Limit", click your preferred price or quantity from the list of orders on the right of the webpage. The system will automatically fill in the data for you into the "Price" and "Quantity" fields for your trading

Step 3: If you select to trade under "Market", the system will automatically trade at the best prices on the market for you

You only need to enter your preferred value for "Quantity"

Step 4: After setting up the price and quantity, as shown in the image below, click "Bid" button to buy BTC or click "Ask" to sell BTC


Notice: Cryptocurrency is an innovative investment product with high price fluctuations and high investment risk. Please fully understand cryptocurrency before investing.