I. About BTR

1.What is BTR?

Bitrue Coin (BTR) is a platform coin issued by Bitrue and acts as a token system of Bitrue. BTR is designed to support all Bitrue businesses such as trading fee deductions, cash deposit of project parties, voting for listing coins for transactions, wealth management programs, loan programs (to be available soon) and etc.

2.How can I get BTR?

Pre-sale begins on May 30 and official sale begins on June 6(GMT+8)

Attention: Bitrue is the only legal channel to get BTR. Stay wary of frauds.

3.What advantages does the BTR ecosystem offer?

1) BTR supports deduction of trading fees on the platform based on the market price.

Rules: the first year: 40% off

the second year: 30% off

the third year: 20% off

the fourth year: 10% off

the fifth year: no discount

2) BTR can be used as the cash deposit of project parties.

3) BTR can be used for voting for listing new coins.

4) BTR ownership entitles a higher interest rate in PowerPiggy(in plan, to be available soon).

5) BTR holders are entitled to interest deductions from Bitrue's crypto loan products (will be available soon).

6) Eco-fund: support blockchain projects, charity and public-good expenditure.

7) The VIP upgrade system will regard BTR holdings as a mandatory metric in addition to the transactions.

8) Project parties that openly raise funds on the Bitrue platform should use BTR and lock the raised BTR up.

4.Is a buy-back scheme for BTR available?

Bitrue will allocate 20% of its quarterly profit for BTR buy-back. The redeemed BTR will be put to the Bitrue eco-fund.

5.In which use cases can I use BTR to deduct trading fees? When can I start to use BTR for trading fee deductions? Are any discounts available for subsequent XRP trading pairs?

Currently, BTR can be used to deduct fees for coin-coin trading only. More use cases will be supported soon.

BTR can be used for trading fee deductions as soon as it is available for trading.

After BTR is available for transactions, XRP trading fees enjoy 20% off which can be used in addition to the BTR discounts. For example, when BTR discount is used for XRP trading pairs, the discount rate for the first year will be: 0.001*0.8*0.6=0.48%

6.Distribution of Bitrue coin (BTR).

A total of 1 billion BTR will be issued. The distribution structure is as follows:

OwnerProportionAmountLockup duration
Team ownership35%350,000,000Two-year lockup
Private placement, angel investors15%150,000,000One-year lockup
Public offering15%150,000,000No lockup
Eco-fund25%250,000,000No lockup
Market expansion fee10%100,000,000No lockup

7.What is the BTR launch price? When will it be available for trading?

The BTR issue price is 0.05 USDT and BTR will be available on Bitrue for trading within two weeks after launching. Please keep a close watch on Bitrue announcements.

8.Which coins can I use to purchase BTR?

We support USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, USDC and TUSD for purchasing BTR.

The payment coins will be converted based on the real-time currency price at the purchase.

9.This subscription is only available for users who have completed the KYC real-name authentication.

Out of compliance or supervision requirements concerns, this round of sale is not available for users in the following countries and regions: China, Singapore, Cuba, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Syria, United States [including all US territories such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas)], Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador and Kyrgyzstan.

II. Schedule

1. Presale:

Time: May 30 - June 5 (GMT+8).

We offer heavy discounts for the presale session. Bitrue guarantees fulfillment of ordered quantity in the official offer session for all users joining the presale session.

Note: The BTR purchased in the presale session will be issued to the wallet account after Presale stage.

BTR quantityOriginal (USDT)Preordered (USDT)Discount

2. VIP presale:

Time: May 30 - June 5 (GMT+8).

VIPs are designated by Bitrue. Users who have made specified amount of trading on Bitrue, have made contributions to the platform or have met specific standards in PowerPiggy are invited to become VIPs.

Note: The BTR purchased in the presale session will be issued to the wallet account after Presale stage.

BTR quantityOriginal (USDT)Discount Price (USDT)Discount

3. Public Sale

Time: June 6 - June 29.

Discounts: Discount rates will be adjusted on a daily basis during Public Sale session, please check on the basis of actual discount.

To ensure that all customers can join, Bitrue will open BTR Sale at 10:00 and 22:00 (GMT+8) every day. The discount rates during the official offer session will be reduced on a daily basis. Please check actual discount on the basis of Public Sale page.

BTR quantityOriginal (USDT)Preordered (USDT)Discount

III. Bitrue Coin Launch Month. Four Campaigns Available Now!

Campaign 1

Invite friends and enjoy commissions from BTR purchase

During the campaign period, you can win commissions from BTR purchase by the friends you invited, in addition to a 5 XRP reward for successful invitations.

Calculation Rules: Rebate BTR Amount = Invitees’ purchase amount/Total invitee’s purchase amount at platform * 200,000

Reward time: July 2 (GMT + 8)

When the invitee deposit the token of the valuation above 100USDT, the inviter can get a 5XRP reward.

Campaign 2

200,000 BTR Airdrop

All users who participate in this campaign and hold more than 100 USDT valued asset in accounts are eligible.

Asset snapshot will be performed at 24:00 on June 2 (GMT+8). We will make airdrops based on the proportion of user assets, with a minimum of 10 BTR and a maximum of 3000 BTR.

Time of reward issuing: June 4 (GMT+8)

Reward pool: 200,000 BTR

Campaign 3

Rewards on Twitter,

#1 Retweet the BTR Airdrop campaign to earn BTR & XRP (Participants will have to register from the link provided on Twitter.)

#2 Prize Draw for 2,000 BTR each (Participants from #1 will be automatically opted in, 3 winners will be randomly chosen.)

For more details, please follow announcement on Twitter @BitrueOfficial.

Campaign 4

BTR Rewards For Trading

Bitrue will cancel the XRP pairs trading fee discount and launch [BTR Rewards For Trading].

All trading fees are adjusted to 0.075%, and 0.025% of the trading volume will be converted into BTR and refund to accounts.


1) BTR refunds will be issued to users around 2:00-3:00 (GMT+8) on the next day.

2) BTR price will be calculated by 0.05 USDT in this campaign.

3) BTR refund will be ended once trading pair launches.