Block Space

Block Space is a blockchain and crypto community in the heart of Silicon Valley which accelerates innovation through an incubator program for promising blockchain technology startups. Block Space provides mentorship, venture capital investment opportunities, a beautiful workspace with many amenities and all necessary office equipment and infrastructure to enable and accelerate growth. Block Space has established meaningful partnerships, built a network of industry experts and regularly hosts investment seminars, networking and pitch events to help blockchain startups thrive.

  • MentorshipBlock Space's weekly Office Hour Mentorship Program's expert consultants hold meetings with blockchain startups to give insights, set goals and provide guidance to achieve them.

  • Venture Capital Investment OpportunitiesBlockchain startups in the Block Space incubator program have access to our extensive network of successful investors to help them source the funds they need to accomplish their goals.

  • Networking EventsBlock Space is a hub for investment seminars, networking and pitch events. These events provide opportunities to learn insights from experts and create meaningful connections and opportunities for collaboration and investment.

  • InfrastructureBlock Space has numerous amenities and is a large, beautiful and comfortable workplace furnished with all necessary office equipment and infrastructure to provide a world class work environment.

  • Partnerships and ConnectionsAs our partner logo wall illustrates, we have established meaningful partnerships with an extensive network of blockchain companies which can help blockchain startups in our incubator program succeed.

What startups are currently part of the Block Space incubator program?

  • A high-capacity peer-to-peer transactional system

  • A decentralized competitive gaming platform

  • EZBlock

  • Goodchain

  • A top secret blockchain startup

How do I join the Block Space Incubator program?We invite all blockchain entrepreneurs to be a part of Block Space’s incubator program. Together we can usher in a new era of innovative blockchain technology. Please email us your business plan and contact information.Where is Block Space?Block Space is located in the American Headquarters of Cheetah Mobile Inc. at 4151 Middlefield Road, Suite 100 in Palo Alto.

What is Cheetah Mobile?Cheetah Mobile Inc. (猎豹移动公司) is a Chinese mobile internet company headquartered in Beijing, China. Cheetah Mobile (ticker symbol CMCM) was the first publicly traded Chinese-based company listed on the NYSE and is the creator of some of the world's most popular global mobile apps with more than 634 million monthly users as of January 2017. Popular products include Orion Voice OS (The Voice), Clean Master, Security Master, CM Launcher, Cheetah Keyboard, PhotoGrid, CM Browser, Battery Doctor, and LiveMe. Cheetah Games have more than 1 billion downloads and 110 million monthly users. Cheetah Mobile also offers data analysis products, a commercial advertising platform and many popular AI products including the Cheetah Translator.

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