Claiming VTHO With VET Holdings

Dear Bitrue users,

Starting today, all users holding VET (VeChainThor) on the Bitrue platform can claim VTHO generated by the VET on a monthly basis.

Calculation of VTHO quota:

Amount of VTHO that can be claimed by a user = Total VTHO gained on Bitrue * Ratio of VET held by the user

Ratio of VET held by the user = Amount of VET held by the user / Total amount of VET held on Bitrue

VTHO settlement and issuance:

VTHO is settled on a daily basis and issued on a monthly basis – the VTHO quota for the previous month is issued before 24:00 (UTC+8) on the 15th of each month.


· The greater the amount of VET held by a user and the longer it is held, the more VTHO the user can claim.

· A user with a daily average balance of less than 1 VET is not eligible to receive VTHO.

Bitrue Team

March 12, 2019