Hold & Trade to Share 2,300,000 ZAP

Dear Bitrue User,

To celebrate ZAP listing on Bitrue, we will launch the event “Hold & Trade to Share 2,300,000 ZAP” together with ZAP team. The event has 2 parts :

Part I Hold ZAP to Win Monthly Rewards

1. Rules:

During the event, Bitrue will take a random snapshot of users’ ZAP balances everyday, and will distribute the rewards of last round according to the snapshot, before 28th of each month.

2. Schedule:

2. Schedule:

PeriodSum of RewardDistribution Date
Round 15.23-6.22500,000 ZAP6.28
Round 26.23-7.22500,000 ZAP7.28
Round 37.23-8.22500,000 ZAP8.28

3. Formula:

ZAP received by the User = The Total ZAP to be distributed* Proportion of ZAP held by that user

ZAP Proportion = Daily average amount of ZAP held by User/ Total ZAP held by Bitrue at the time of snapshot

Daily average amount of ZAP held by User = 30 day’s sum of ZAP daily snapshot/30 (those in orders included)

4. Notice:

* Any rewards under 60 ZAP will not be distributed.

* Any ZAP that are pending deposit or withdrawal at the time the snapshot will not count towards your ZAP balance. Please ensure you leave enough time for your deposits and withdrawals to complete prior to the snapshot.

* The maximum of reward each account can claim each month is 30,000 ZAP.

Part II Trade to Share 800,000 ZAP

1. Time:

Time for Trading:May 22 - May 29, 2019

Distribution Time: Before June 15th

2. Rules:

Bitrue will rank users according to their ZAP’s trading volume during the campaign. TOP 100 users will share 800,000 ZAP based on the proportion of trading volume.

3. Formula:

ZAP received by the User= 800,000 ZAP* Proportion of ZAP trading volume of that user

ZAP Trading Proportion= ​User’s ZAP Trading Volume/Total ZAP Trading Volume on Platform

4. Notice:

* Only FILLED orders and filled part of partially filled orders will be calculated.

* Trading Volume means the total amount of Sell & Buy ZAP(excluding wash trades)

* Bitrue clearly forbidden any wash trading for the trading competition rewards, accounts involved will not receive any rewards from this campaign.

Bitrue Team