Step 1

1. Bitrue Partner can generate exclusive invitation links through Bitrue and send them to friends.

Step 2

2. The friends invited need to register Bitrue successfully through the exclusive links.

Step 3

3. Any transaction conducted by an invited friend using Bitrue will bring 25% commission refund to the partner’s account within an hour (For partner accounts with a balance of 10,000 USDT, 50% commission will be refunded)

Your commission rate:

Phone verification is required

Friends Recommended:

Bonus Received:



email Time Bind Mobile Phone

Commission Rebate Record

email Commission Time

Activity Details

1. The commission will be added to the partner’s account within one hour.

2. Accounts with less than US$10,000 in various cryptocurrencies will receive a 25% commission.

3. Accounts of US$10,000 or more will receive a 50% commission.

4. For partner accounts with the balance of 10,000 USDT(or equivalent), the balance is at your entire disposal.

5. To participate in this program, users must verify a single, unique phone number.

6. Referred users are also required to validate a single, unique phone number upon sign-up.

7. Referred users must use the partner’s unique referral links or QR code when registering.

8. Bitrue will review all new accounts for duplicates and fakes, and if detected, remove them without paying any commissions.Bitrue reserves the right to adjust the commission rules at any time to maintain the integrity of the program.