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  • Annualized Rate Of Return
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Annualized Rate Of Return7% - 8%

Estimated earnings per 10,000 USD per day1.9 - 2.2 USDT

Investment Period14 Days / 30 Days / 3 Months

Bitrue has officially launched our stablecoin-based investment event to give back to our community.

Launch Time: starting from the day of announcement

Estimated Earnings: Principle Invested*Annualized Rate Of Return/365*Days Of Investment

The first batch of supported stablecoins are USDT/PAX/GUSD/TUSD

Minimum fund to start with: 55 (USDT) worth of the above mentioned stablecoins

  • Investment Time Frame & Annualized Rate Of Return
  • Investment PeriodAnnualized Rate Of Return
  • 14 Days7%
  • 30 Days7.2%
  • 3 Months8%
  • Check my earnings:
  • Time
  • DateT
  • Earnings starts fromT+1
  • Earnings can be viewed fromT+2

Earnings will be calculated the next day of participation. (Based on SGT local time)

Earnings distribution: Once your investment period completes, the earnings will be distributed to your account within 12 hours.

Unlock of your asset: 10:00 AM on the next day of investment conclusion (UTC+8)

Type of coin earned: earnings will be directly distributed to your account in the form of reward, and the earning's coin type is the stablecoin corresponding to principal

(e.g. if you invest in USDT, you will earn USDT as interest)