Bitrue Will List Luna (LUNA). Trade LUNA to Win A Share of the Prize.

Dear Bitrue User,

Bitrue will list Luna (LUNA):

At 11:00 am (GMT+8) on August 12, deposits and withdrawals of Luna (LUNA) will be enabled;

At 11:00 am (GMT+8) on August 14, the LUNA/BTC and LUNA/XRP transaction pairs will go live.

To celebrate the listing of LUNA, Bitrue Exchange will hold a “Trade LUNA to Win a Share of the Prize” event.

Trade LUNA for a chance to win a share of the 25,000 LUNA prize! We will track the total amount of LUNA you have traded, and the top 100 traders will receive a share of the prize in bonus LUNA.

1. Time: August 14 — August 28

2. Rules:

Bitrue will determine the top 100 users sorted by their LUNA trading volumes by 23:59 August 28 (GMT+8). These top 100 users will each receive a portion of 25,000 LUNA. The proportion will be calculated using the individual’s trading volume compared to the total volume of the top 100.

3. Calculation:

LUNA received by the User = Proportion of LUNA trading volume of that user * 25,000 LUNA

LUNA Trading Proportion = ​User’s LUNA Trading Volume / Total LUNA Trading Volume on Platform

4. Distribution: Before September 15

5. Note:

* Only filled (executed) orders will be considered when calculating trading volume.

* Trading volume refers to the total amount of Sell & Buy orders of LUNA.

*Bitrue expressly forbids any wash trading for the event. Accounts involved in such activity will be disqualified from this campaign.

*The maximum reward per user will be 2,500 LUNA

Bitrue Team

August 9, 2019