Share 5,000,000 CSC to Celebrate CSC Listing

Dear Bitrue User,

Bitrue will list CSC (CasinoCoin) soon:

On May 15 (GMT+8), deposit and withdrawal function of CSC will be enabled, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 400 CSC.

On May 17 (GMT+8), CSC/BTC and CSC/XRP trading pairs will go live.

To celebrate CSC listing, Bitrue exchange launch an airdrop together with CSC team. Detailed rules below:

1. Airdrop Rules:

Bitrue will take a snapshot on your CSC assets at 23:00 on May 22 (GMT+8) and distribute the rewards according to the snapshot within 48 hours after the snapshot is taken. Total rewards is 5,000,000 CSC.

2. Formula:

CSC received by the User = Proportion of CSC held by that user * 5,000,000 CSC

CSC Proportion = Amount of CSC held by User at the time of snapshot / Total CSC held by Bitrue at the time of snapshot

3. Notice:

* Any CSC balances under 10,000 (including those in trade orders) will not be calculated for the airdrop.

* Any rewards under 200 CSC will not be distributed.

* Any CSC that are pending deposit or withdrawal at the time the snapshot will not count towards your CSC balance. Please ensure you leave enough time for your deposits and withdrawals to complete prior to the snapshot.

* The maximum of reward each account can claim is 60,000 CSC.

Bitrue Team

May 10, 2019