Get Discounted Trading Fees When Paying With BTR

Dear Bitrue User,

The function of using BTR to pay transaction fees, which was previously announced to go online on June 30 (GMT+8), will instead be launched on July 12 (GMT+8).

Please refer to the following details for more information:

1. If you use BTR to pay trading fees, the fees will be reduced by 40%.

2. The amount of BTR paid as the trading fee = Trade order amount in USDT * Basic trading fee * 60% / BTR market price at the time of the transaction.

3. If your BTR is insufficient to pay for the trading fee of the current transaction, the system will automatically use the coins gained in this transaction to pay for the trading fee. In this case, the trading fee will not be reduced.

4. This feature will be enabled by default and can be turned off or on at any time according to your preference.


In order to improve system performance and prepare for this feature, we will undergo system maintenance at about 15:00 on July 11 with an estimated time of 4 hours.

Bitrue Team

July 8, 2019