Happy Birthday to Bitrue 30,000 XRP Giveaway!

Can you believe it's only been 1 year, but we've already made so many memories together!?

That's right, 19 July 2019 is our first birthday. We've been through some happy times and some tougher times, but our users have always stood beside us, and for that we are eternally grateful. As a small way of saying thanks and celebrating together we've organized a few activities for everyone to take part in.

1. We're giving away 30,000 XRP spread amongst everyone that holds at least $100 USDT on Bitrue. You don't even have to do anything to qualify, just sit back and wait for your bonus to appear in your account. We'll take a snapshot of everybody's total holdings on July 20 00:00 (GMT+8), and then on July 23 you'll receive a bonus that's proportional to the total holdings of all users on Bitrue. If you hold BTR there's more good news, as BTR will count for 1.5x its value in the calculation of your total assets, meaning you'll get a bigger bonus!

2. You'll have a chance to speak directly with the Bitrue CEO Curis Wang during our first Twitter AMA on July 23 01:00 (GMT+8). Interested in knowing about where Bitrue is heading for the future, or what crypto projects Curis thinks look promising´╝čAsk away, and he will reply to the most interesting questions. Everyone that he replies to will ALSO get a random XRP bonus from the XRP tipbot!

3. Everybody is eligible to win 2 XRP on the house, all you need to do is follow the @BitrueOfficial account on Twitter, and retweet our airdrop and AMA announcements. We'll send you all 2 XRP on July 23 to say thank you for celebrating with us.

We can't wait to get the celebrations started and hope you'll be right there with us. How big do you think Bitrue will be in another year when we celebrate our 2nd birthday?

Bitrue Team

18th July 2019