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1. Cryptocurrency Type: HOT

2. Releasing Time: The initial cap of the event is 200,000,000 HOT.The daily cap of the program will be released at 10:00 (UTC+8) and 22:00 (UTC+8). The opt-in option will be closed once we reach the daily cap. Once participated, you will be able to receive your HOT interest every day, until you opt out.

3. Daily Cap: The daily cap is currently set at HOT. Participation is on a “first come first served” basis. Please deposit HOT into your Bitrue account in advance to get prepared.

4. Rewards: Participants will earn HOT at 7.3 % annual interest as a reward. For every 10,000 HOT put into the program, you will earn 2 HOT per day.

5. Rewards Distribution: 24:00 (UTC+8) every day

6. No Lock-up: Your funds will not be locked so you can opt out anytime you want. You can opt in again as long as there's cap opening.

7. Fund security: We won’t touch the fund you put into the program, and will secure most of the fund in our cold wallet. Your fund will be 100% covered with up to 1 Million USD (worth of token/coin) per customer if it gets lost.

8. Minimum amount to join: 0 HOT

9. Eligibility: All users are eligible to participate.