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1. Login: During the event period, a new user can get 2 tickets after logging into the mobile app for the first time and binding the mobile phone number;

2. Invitation: Bitrue actual user invite others to registre from Bitrue app, each real registration brings the inviter one tickets.(the inviter‘s account must be bound to a mobile phone number)

3. Trading: The trading fees you spent will be converted into XRPs. For every 2 XRPs you consume, a ticket is awarded to you. Note: The account must contain at least $1 to receive tickets from trading.

4. Exchage: When tickets are insufficient, you can exchange directly. Price: 2 XRP/ticket. Currently only XRP is supported for exchanging.

Draw Rules


The Entry Area has two sections: the Normal Area where you select 4 numbers between 0 and 9 with duplication allowed, and the Special Area where you select one number between 0 and 19.

Raffle tier 1: The bonus equivalent to 25% of the prize pool is granted to winners who guess all the 5 numbers correctly. If there are multiple winners, the bonus amount will be divided evenly by correct guesses, with the maximum amount for each correct guess of 60,000 XRP;

Raffle tier 2: For participants who guess the first 4 numbers correctly. The maximum amount for each correct guess will be 1,000 XRP;

Raffle tier 3: For participants who guess the first 3 numbers correctly. The maximum amount for each correct guess will be 200 XRP;

Raffle tier 4: For participants who only guess the last number correctly. The maximum amount for each correct guess will be 12 XRP.

*If the total rewards amount of one specific day overflow (the sum is more than 240,000 XRP), then Bitrue will grant the Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 in advance. Remain rewards will be divided equally among all Tier 4 winners.

*If your deposit is less than $100, then you will get at most 200 XRP in each draw.

Draw Result

The draw is open and transparent, with the result and duration controlled by smart contracts,to secure the impartiality.

Check smart contract: Clickhere

Prize Pool

240,000 XRP each day.

Bonus distribution

Within 12 hours after the draw result is published, the bonus will be distributed to the user's Bitrue account


1. Valid user: A user who has never downloaded/installed/registered the Bitrue mobile app.

2. Any fraud behaviors discovered during the event (including but not limited to fake invitations, batch registration and fake deposits) will disqualify fraudsters for the award and Bitrue reserves the right to deny the fraudsters' qualification for any follow-up events.

3. There is a need for caution in the coin market for risky investments.

4. Bitrue owns the interpretation right of this event.