Hold NEO to Get GAS for free
Get Additional 20% GAS on Bitrue

Dear Bitrue User,

All NEO holders on Bitrue will earn GAS which is awarded monthly for holding NEO.On Bitrue, you will get an additional 20% GAS, which means you will get 120% of the GAS.The details are as follows:

1.How GAS is distributed to NEO Holders on Bitrue: Bitrue takes a daily snapshot of the account of each individual holding NEO and records the sum of the daily position for each day their account holds NEO. Bitrue will give away additional 20% GAS to users

2.Distribution Time: Before 24:00 of 15th every month.

3.The appropriate amount of GAS is distributed based on the following formula

The amount of GAS received by an individual user each month = The total of daily NEO sums over the month for that account, multiplied by the total amount of GAS earned by all NEO holders on Bitrue for the month, divided by the total daily NEO sums held by all NEO holders on Bitrue,multiplied by 120%.

4.For example - if an individual user holds NEO for 4 days out of the month and Bitrue records their daily snapshots as 60 NEO for Day #1, 80 NEO for Day #2, 100 NEO for Day #3 and 120 on Day #4. The total sum of their daily NEO position is 360 for the month. Let’s assume the total distributed number of GAS to Bitrue for the month is 1,000 and the daily sum held by all NEO users is 10,000.

Thus the actual number of GAS that will be distributed to this user is calculated as follows: 1,000 (total number of GAS earned by Bitrue NEO holders for the month) x 360 (total daily sums of NEO held by individual for the month) / 10,000 (the total daily NEO sums held by all NEO holders on Bitrue) x120%=43.2GAS.

This individual’s account will receive a total of 43.2 GAS by midnight on the 15th of the month for the NEO that they held in their Bitrue account for this month.

Neo Gas Introduction: