NKN Token Swap

Dear Bitrue user,

Bitrue will stop supporting NKN top-up/withdraw effective immediately for a short period of time and enforce the NKN Token Swap procedure (that is, NEP-5 NKN will be swapped to ERC 20 NKN).

After the swap is over, we will issue ERC 20 NKN to current holders of NEP-5 NKN at a ratio of 1:1 based on their holdings and re-support ERC 20 NKN top-up/withdraw.

Additional announcements:

· The NKN project owner will suspend NEP-5 NKN transfer on March 28 from when NEP-5 NKN will become useless because of its unavailability for circulation. Bitrue‘s swap move aims to protect users’ interests.

· The subscription ratio 1:1 of NEP-5 NKN to ERC 20 NKN is set forth by the NKN project owner. Click the following link to view more (The linked content is provided by the NKN project owner):

· Bitrue does not impose any commission charges in any form during the swap.

Please be noted.

Thank you for your support to Bitrue!

Bitrue Team

March 21, 2019