• Step 1 - Warm up4/27 - 5/21 (UTC+8)Airdrop, Giveaways & Activities
  • Step 2 - Sale5/11 - 5/17 (UTC+8)Purchase with BTR to enjoy extra discount
  • Step 3 - Swap & Trading5/26 (UTC+8)BTC & XRP Pairs Available
  • Step 4 - Swap Ends8/26 (UTC+8)APR up to 30%

Invite Friends to Join the Sale & Get a Bonus

5/11 - 5/17 (UTC+8)

Earn part of the 200,000 FNX referral pool by inviting friends to sign up on Bitrue and participate in the FNX token sale.

Calculation: The amount you can earn is calculated as the amount of FNX purchased by your referrals / total amount purchased from all referrals * 200,000 FNX.

Referral Bonus Issuance Date: 5/29 (UTC+8)

Note: Newly registered users can also get the first deposit reward of 10 XRP after depositing 100 USDT

Airdrop for All

4/27 - 5/10 (UTC+8)

Everyone who holds at least $100 in total assets on the Bitrue platform can claim an airdrop reward of 100 FNX tokens. Rewards are limited to 500 people and will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis. Distribution of the rewards will happen before May 29th.


Social Media Sharing Rewards

4/28 - 5/12 (UTC+8)

Users who post original videos, pictures, articles or other creative content to Twitter, who also tag @BitrueOfficial and @fin_nexus, can win 1-5 XRP

AMA Session

5/7 (UTC+8)

We will be hosting an AMA session on the Bitrue Telegram channel with the Bitrue CEO Curis Wang and the FinNexus team. 10 people chosen randomly who ask a question will receive a reward of 500 FNX each, which will be distributed on May 14th.

Grand Prize Draw

5/21 (UTC+8)

Users who purchase more than 1,000 FNX will get entered into a prize draw at the end of the sale period. 10 lucky winners will be drawn who will win 500 USD each in FNX tokens. The prize draw will be held on May 21st.