VIP Caps help boost your staking income using BTR. Hold more BTR to increase how much you can invest and take better advantage of our high yield earning programs.
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  1. VIP cap generation: VIP caps can be generated using available BTR at any time. The BTR used to generate a cap will be frozen for 24 hours at the time of the investment.
  2. VIP cap value: VIP cap (in USDT) = M * N. M is the amount of the BTR in the available account. N is the weighting value that defines the amount of USDT added to the VIP cap for each BTR held. N is currently equal to 1.
  3. VIP cap usage: The cap can be applied to any coin currently supported in Power Piggy, aside from BTR. The cap of each coin = VIP cap (in USDT) / the current Price of each coin.
  4. VIP cap unfreezing: The amount invested includes both community and VIP caps. When unfreezing, funds invested via the community cap will be unfrozen first.
  5. The VIP cap shares other rules with the community cap, and interest disbursement will occur every day at 00:30 (UTC+8).
  6. Amounts invested using VIP caps will also be eligible for boosted interest rates using BTR.
  7. Final interepretation of this activity belongs to Bitrue. Bitrue reserves the right to adjust the rules of the event at any time based on market and operating conditions.